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As a high-tech enterprise, Linshang Technology has invested a lot of energy in intellectual property and product research and development since its establishment, and actively carried out technological innovation work. Recently, Linshang Technology was granted a patent - "A method of identifying doped iron powder putty layer and paint film instrument", let's take a look at what kind of a patent it is?

Patent Authorization Content

Invention name: a doping iron powder putty layer identification method and paint film instrument

Patent No.: ZL202110426379.2

Abstract: The present invention discloses a method for identifying doped iron putty layer and paint film instrument, which relates to the technical field of used car inspection, specifically: paint film instrument shell; probe, which is set at one end of said paint film instrument shell; eddy current sensor, which is set inside said probe; S1, instrument factory test; S2, vehicle paint film detection; S3, thickness value judgment result one; S4, thickness value judgment result two and S5, thickness value judgment result III. The method of identifying the doped iron powder putty layer and the paint film instrument uses the Hall effect measurement principle, i.e. Hall effect sensor, and the eddy current measurement principle, i.e. eddy current sensor, to measure and judge twice to identify whether the covering layer on the ferromagnetic substrate is a putty layer doped with iron powder, so as to determine whether this part of the vehicle has been repaired, and to automatically identify whether the vehicle is a ferromagnetic body or non-magnetic body, and non-metallic body.

A method for identifying iron-doped putty layers and a paint film instrument
A method for identifying iron-doped putty layers and a paint film instrument

Products covered by the patent license

The patent covers all of Linshang Technology's varnish meter products. Next, let's get to know Lin Shang's varnish meter products from two aspects: the appearance of the instrument and the identification of the base material.

  • The appearance of the paint film meter

Fans of the used car market will surely find that Linshang Technology's paint film meters all have a uniform appearance, including features such as probes, eddy current sensors, high frequency oscillation circuits, ADC conversion chips, liquid crystals, and trigger switches.

Linshang paint film meter has a comfortable grip and the probe is designed with ruby, which can play a durable and anti-corrosion effect; the instrument has two different designs of single screen and double screen, and the low temperature resistant LCD screen can work normally in the outdoor environment of northern winter without delay or retardation.

  • Iron Powder Putty Identification

In the used car market, many businessmen will refurbish accident cars and then take them out to sell, so as to improve their own revenue. Accident cars are hard to identify from the outside, they do some technical treatment on the part of the car body where the collision occurred, then take the appropriate putty for scraping and then spray new paint. This way the detected coverage layer will be much thicker than the paint thickness at the factory. Some unscrupulous businessmen will mix iron powder in the putty in order to cheat the ordinary paint film meter, so that the putty layer will have certain magnetic properties, thus making the thickness of the measurement result smaller and making the difference between it and the thickness of the original paint not obvious, resulting in the inability to accurately detect whether the vehicle is a refurbished car.

In response to the shortcomings of the prior art, a method for identifying the doped iron powder putty layer is provided in this invention patent of Lin Shang Paint Film Instrument. In the mode of selected iron and aluminum automatic identification, direct detection can automatically identify the vehicle paint substrate, especially when the iron powder putty layer is detected, it will be reminded with red backlight. Take the Lin Shang tricolor backlight version of LS235 paint film meter as an example, the instrument has a total of 5 displays as follows, which can automatically identify iron powder putty layer (red backlight), original iron and zinc layer (green backlight), iron (white backlight), aluminum (white backlight) and plastic layer (white backlight).

Detecting iron powder putty layer

Detecting iron powder putty layer

Detection of non-metallic layer

Detection of non-metallic layer

Detecting iron-zinc layer

Detecting iron-zinc layer

LS235 paint film meter

The above is the full content of Lin Shang Technology's invention patent "A method of identifying doped iron powder putty layer and paint film instrument". In recent years, Linshang Technology has been fruitful in intellectual property rights, these patent achievements have opened up the market for Linshang Technology, provided strong technical support for Linshang products, and also laid the foundation for the long-term planning and development of Linshang Technology.

Statement: As the owner of this patented technology, Linshang reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for infringers.

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