Linshang color haze meter is launched

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In today's world of rapid technological advancement, accurate color and haze measurement is crucial to many industries. Linshang Technology adheres to the concept of innovation and recently launched a new color haze meter to provide users with a cost-effective measurement solution.

Linshang color haze meter
Linshang color haze meter

What can the color difference haze meter measure?

Linshang color haze meter is designed with full-spectrum LED light source and spectrum sensor, which can accurately measure the haze, light transmittance, and color difference of various transparent and translucent materials such as plastics, glass, and films, whether in plastics, coatings, Whether in textiles, printing, packaging or in the fields of automobiles, solar films, etc., this instrument can meet the measurement needs of users.

Color haze meter measured the mobile phone cover

Color haze meter measured liquid

What are the advantages of Linshang’s color haze meter?

Compared with its peers, Linshang's newly launched color haze meter not only has accurate testing, favorable price, and measurement results are not affected by ambient light, but also has the following advantages:
1. High cost performance.
Linshang's color haze meter adopts a small spectrometer solution, which is more stable and accurate in haze and transmittance measurement results than a simple silicon detector solution.

2. Easy to operate and friendly to novices
Linshang Color Haze Meter adopts a 7-inch smart touch screen, which requires no button operation and has a good human-computer interaction interface. Users can easily get started and quickly perform measurement operations.

3. Multiple parameters can be measured
Our color haze meter can measure multiple parameters such as color difference, haze, light transmittance, etc., and can display professional light transmittance spectral curves. Customers can use this transmission performance data to evaluate the optical properties of materials. For the measurement of color difference of light-transmissible liquids, you can choose a square cuvette with a positioning bracket for testing. For the measurement of small-sized materials, you can also choose a 5mm test aperture.

4. Aviation aluminum parts

The core components of the instrument are made of aviation aluminum, combined with high-precision CNC processing technology, so that the alignment between the light source and the receiver has micron-level accuracy, ensuring repeatability and high precision of the instrument.

5. Good repeatability
Linshang color haze meter has good repeatability, haze repeatability ≤ 0.03, transmittance repeatability ≤ 0.03, color difference repeatability ≤ 0.03, which is comparable to imported brands.

14mm and 5mm aperture

Equipped with PC software

Aviation aluminum parts

Our color haze meter is also equipped with PC software, which can be connected through the USB interface for online measurement, making it convenient for users to export data and generate printed reports. If you are looking for an accurate, convenient and reliable color haze meter, then Linshang's new color haze meter is definitely your ideal choice. Get it quickly and let accurate measurement bring more convenience and value to your work and production!