The upgrading process of LS162 and LS162A Transmission Meter

Time:2019/02/27 13:48:00 Browse:1783

  LS162and LS162A portable Transmission Meter were launched into the market in 2016.Their resolutions are both 0.1%, the old version products display the infrared,UV and visible light transmission at the same time. Their test slots are both 8mm, you can test the filmed glass, also can measure the side wind shield glass of the car directly, they are powered by 4 AAA batteries. As a portableTransmission Meter, they are both an instrument worthy of the name.

window tint meter

  However,in the testing process, we always concern more about the UV and IR rejection performance of the solar film, rather than the transmission, so after reading the value, we still need to calculate their rejection rate. Now we upgrade the LS162and LS162A, they will directly display the rejection rate of UV and infrared. In this way, when the customers are testing the performance of a solar film or a filmed glass, they can directly know the UV and infrared rejection rate of their measured sample, and don’t need to calculate how much 100% minus thetransmission is.

LS162A solar film transmission meter

  Linshang Technology is still in the road of development, we need to listen to the voice of customers and to ensure our products’ quality. I believe that the products manufactured by Linshang Technology will be more popular in the future.



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