LS117 optical density meter measuring ultra small special-shaped material from Foxconn

Time:2019/02/27 11:29:00 Browse:1857

  Recently Foxconn group need to test an organic material of small size, profile, with a lens, according to the requirements of the other company. We use LS117 optical density meter, slightly modified, to meet the needs of customers.

LS117 optical density meter 

 This is also our first cooperation with Foxconn group, in the process of cooperating with the big company,  feeling rigorous style of work in big companies. For the recognition detail and precise assurance, worthy of our learning especially for small businesses.

optical density meter test ultra-small material

  And in the process of cooperation with Foxconn, they marveled at our expertise in the field of optics, they spent long time looking for the supplier to handle the unsolved problem, we solved the problem out of their expectation, indicating that it is so cheap, too.



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