LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter

LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter


I. LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter Introduction

       Linshang LS201 digital glass thickness meter uses the optical reflection principle to measure the glass thickness on one side of the glass. It is especially suitable for the measurement where general measurement tools such as scales or vernier calipers that cannot or are not easy to operate. Such as the thickness measurement of laminated glass and hollow glass. For the measurement of laminated glass, the thickness of multilayer glass and intermediate air layer can also be measured at the same time. The instrument uses CCD detection, liquid crystal display. It also has simple operation, fast and reliable measurement.

laminated glass thickness gauge features
LS201 laminated glass thickness gauge features

II. LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter Parameters

Measurement accuracy ± 0.1mm
Measurement range

Glass thickness 70mm,air layer thickness 45mm

Weight 330g
Battery 4 AAA alkaline dry batteries
Display 240 * 160 dot matrix LCD
Dimension 130mm×72mm×33mm (L*W*H)

 glass thickness meter
LS201 glass thickness meter appearance

III. LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter Characteristics

1. The digital glass thickness meter can nondestructively test the glass thickness. With laser reflection principle, the glass thickness can be measured on single side of the glass.

2. The accuracy of the glass thickness meter can be 0.1mm.

glass thickness meter
LS201 glass thickness meter test double glazing

3.The LS201 digital glass can measure triple glazing, laminated glass and other types of glass.

digital glass thickness gauge
LS201 digital glass thickness gauge test different materials

4.Automatic measurement mode and manual measurement mode can be switched, the instrument can accurately test the thickness of insulating glass of various specifications. 

glass thickness measuring tool
LS201 glass thickness measuring tool measure double glazing

5. In manual mode, we can set the corresponding parameters according to the actual type of glass and get accurate data.

glass thickness meter
LS201 glass thickness meter manual mode setting

6. The Chinese and English display modes can be switched.

7. The instrument has high-definition large screen with backlight, the data can be read in dark environment. 

IV. LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter Qualification 

glass thickness meter patent cerfiticate
glass thickness meter patent cerfiticate 

V. LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter Operation Video

VI. LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter Packaging Details

No. Description Quantity Unit
1 LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter  1 pcs
2 User Manual  1 pcs
3 Certificate / warranty card  1 pcs
4 Cloth bag 1 pcs
5 AAA alkaline dry batteries  4 pcs

Packing box dimension 25*21*7 cm(L*W*H)

1 pcs

glass thickness gauge package
LS201 glass thickness gauge package

VII.  LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter After-Sales Service

1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the instrument works abnormally, please send the whole instrument to our company for maintenance
2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services
3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service 
4.Free technical support for long term

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co.,Ltd. Website:      
Service hotline: 0755-86263411 Email:

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