Paint Thickness Gauges and Where Are They Used

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Paint thickness gauges are widely used in paint thickness measurement. Due to the principles of thickness measurement such as magnetic attraction, magnetic induction, eddy current and ultrasonic waves. Paint thickness gauges can measure the thickness of various types of coatings. For example, Linshang paint thickness gauge uses the measurement principle of magnetic induction and eddy current, which can not only measure the non-magnetic paint thickness on the magnetic metal substrate, but also measure the non-conductive paint thickness on the non-magnetic metal substrate.

Ultrasonic paint thickness gauge can be used to measure the paint thickness of non-metallic substrates, but the measurement accuracy is poor compared to the paint thickness gauge of magnetic and eddy current measurement principles. Let's take a look at the paint thickness gauges and their application.

I. What is paint thickness gauge?

Paint thickness gauge refers to a paint thickness measurement device that can measure the paint film thickness non-destructively using the measurement principles of magnetic attraction, magnetic induction, eddy current and ultrasonic. Due to the different measurement principles of the paint thickness gauge, the application scenarios of the paint thickness gauges with different measurement principles are also different.

The paint thickness gauge based on the principle of magnetic induction measurement can be used to measure the non-magnetic coating thickness on the magnetic metal substrate, such as aluminum, chromium, copper, enamel, rubber, paint on steel, iron, alloy, hard magnetic steel.

The paint thickness gauge based on the principle of eddy current measurement can be used to measure the non-conductive coating thickness such as enamel, rubber, paint, plastic on non-magnetic metal substrates such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, etc.

automotive paint meter
automotive paint meter

II. Why do we use paint thickness gauge?

1. Why do we use paint thickness gauge in car inspection

(1) Paint thickness gauge can be used to detect the paint quality of new cars

We know that when the automobile manufacturer paints the outer shell or parts of the car, the outer shell base of the new car is relatively flat. If the paint film thickness on the substrate surface does not reach the standard, it will directly affect the appearance of the car first, which will cause a poor visual experience. The thickness of ordinary car paint is divided into three layers. The electrophoretic layer (cathode electrophoresis), middle coat and color paint layer. The electrophoretic layer is the most important layer of the three paint layers and has also become the primer. There are two functions: one is to prevent rust and the other is to improve the adhesion of the paint layer. 

paint thickness gauge
paint thickness gauge

2. Why do we use paint thickness gauge in other industries?

Paint thickness gauges are widely used in many industries due to their wide measurement range. For example, fire protection, anti-corrosion, water-based paint, enamel, etc. Let's take a look at fireproof coatings and anti-corrosion coatings as examples. The fire-resistant coating and the anti-corrosion coating are divided into many layers. If the coating is too thick, it will cause the coating to fall off. If the coating is too thin, it will affect the performance of fire protection or anti-corrosion. Therefore, a paint thickness gauge is required to detect the coating thickness.

III. Linshang paint thickness gauge used in second car industry

1. Linshang classic and Bluetooth paint thickness gauges

Linshang LS220 paint thickness gauge is a professional paint thickness measurement device for used cars. The metal matrix of the car body outer shell is generally made of metal materials such as steel plate aluminum and carbon fiber. This paint thickness gauge adopts the measuring principle of magnetic method and eddy current method. It can measure the car paint thickness on iron and aluminum material and can identify non-metallic shell. 

LS220B paint thickness gauge adds Bluetooth function on the basis of LS220. The instrument transmits the measurement data to the mobile phone APP in time through the built-in Bluetooth function. The mobile phone APP can record the paint thickness values of different parts of the car. Linshang classic and Bluetooth LS220B paint thickness gauges : Roof, engine compartment cover, left front fender, left A-pillar, left front door, left B-pillar, left rear door, left C-pillar, left rear fender, trunk lid, right rear fender, right C Pillar, rear right door, right B pillar, right front door, right A pillar, right front fender. The Bluetooth paint thickness gauge can generate test reports. The test report can be stored as a picture and can be shared via QQ and WeChat.

2. How to use Linshang Bluetooth paint thickness gauge?

Short press the power button to turn on (long press to set the parameters) the Linshang paint thickness gauge. After downloading the mobile phone APP, turn on the Bluetooth function-search instrument-bind instrument. After the connection is successful, the instrument automatically enters into the main measurement interface and displays the instrument information. At the same time, the instrument displays a Bluetooth icon at the bottom right of the screen. 

3. Advantages of Linshang paint thickness gauge

  1. Linshang paint thickness gauge has a fast response speed and a highly sensitive probe, which can be tested once in 0.5 seconds.

  2. The LS220 paint thickness gauge uses an iron and aluminum dual-purpose probe, which can quickly and automatically switch between different substrates. And it can also identify non-metallic substrates.

  3. The paint thickness gauge adopts ultra-wide temperature industrial-grade LCD screen, which can be used in minus 20 ℃ environment. 

  4. The instrument does not need multi-point calibration, only zero adjustment. Simple measurement and simple operation

  5. The paint thickness gauge uses ruby probe, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant to increase the service life of the instrument.

  6. The instrument has a temperature compensation function and a digital function of the analog signal terminal to ensure the stability of the sensor signal of the paint thickness gauge.

  7. Linshang paint thickness gauge can measure ultra-thin substrates, the minimum substrate thickness: Fe: 0.2mm / NFe: 0.05mm

  8. Linshang paint thickness gauge is ultra-small and easy to carry.

IV. Linshang paint thickness gauge application

Linshang LS220H paint thickness gauge adopts the integrated design. The measuring principle uses the magnetic method and the eddy current method.It is widely used in the fields of manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry,etc.
Price: $118
Model: LS220H
Compared with LS220H, the biggest feature of LS221 paint thickness gauge is that the host and the probe adopt a split design. It can be used in a narrow space or in a special position that is inconvenient for ordinary paint thickness gauges.
Price: $148
Model: LS221
LS223 paint thickness gauge adopts the split design.This instrument has 2 different measurement ranges: Fe: 0.0-3000μm; NFe: 0.0-3000μm. It can be used to measure relatively thick coatings, such as fireproof and anticorrosive coatings.
Price: $280
Model: LS223
paint thickness gauge

LS225 paint thickness gauge

LS225 is a new type paint thickness gauge.This instrument is equipped with a professional magnetic induction probe for measuring the thickness of ultra-thin coatings such as thin coatings on small workpieces such as nails and bolts.
Price: $760
Model: LS225