LS235 car paint meter

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LS235 car paint meter is suitable for detecting the thickness of automotive paint. The body shell is generally made of metal materials such as iron or aluminum and non-metallic materials such as carbon fiber and plastic. Ordinary automotive paint meter can only detect iron and aluminum and non-metallic materials. However, LS235 can not only distinguish the car paint thickness on iron or aluminum substrates, but also discover the non-metal shell, intelligently identify the metallic putty and iron galvanized. It indicates the substrates by tri-color backlight. When the metallic putty is recognized, the screen turns red. When the iron galvanized car body is recognized, the screen turns green. In other measuring pattern, the screen is white.


Parameter Value
Probe tip Ruby
Measuring principle Fe: Hall Effect / NFe: Eddy current
Probe type Integrated probe
Measuring range 0.0~3500μm
Resolution 0.1μm: (0μm ~ 99.9μm)
1μm: (100μm ~ 999μm)
0.01mm: (1.00mm ~ 3.50mm)
Accuracy ≤±(3%H+2μm), H is the standard value
Unit μm / mil
Measuring interval 0.5s
Minimum measuring area Ø = 25mm
Minimum curvature Convex:5mm / Concave:25mm
Minimum substrate thickness Fe:0.2mm / NFe:0.05mm
Language 中文、English、Русский、Türkçe
Display 128×48 dot matrix LCD
Power supply 2pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Range of operation temperature -20℃~50℃
Storage temperature range -20℃~60℃
Gauge size 101*62*28 mm
Weight(with battery) 79 g


Detect the metallic putty quickly

If a car shell has been repaired with metallic putty, LS235 car paint meter can dig out it accompanied two buzzers in the automatic measurement pattern (FE/NFE pattern) and red light is on.

Complimentary cell phone APP, can generate test reports

With Bluetooth data transmission function, online operation with cell phone APP, test data can be generated into test reports, and the reports can be saved or shared.

Various functions, practical and convenient

Automotive Paint meter has multiple functions and powerful performance which can quickly discover iron, aluminum, iron galvanized and non-metallic materials on.

measure iron body
measure iron body
measure aluminum car body
measure aluminum car body
measure non-metal material in the car
measure non-metal material in the car
measure iron galvanized body
measure iron galvanized body

Three-color display with exquisite details

Depending on the measured thickness, the backlighting of the display varies.

Yellow backlight

Yellow backlight

Measure paint thickness in 170um-350um
white backlight indicates

White backlight

Measure paint thickness less than 170um
bright red represents ferrous putty

Bright red represents ferrous putty

Measure paint thickness greater than 350um or ferrous putty

Fast response and short measuring interval

The response speed is fast and it only takes 0.5 seconds to complete a measurement.

Ruby probe ensures extravagant quality

The wear-resistant ruby probe reduces the inspection error caused by abrasion and can extend the service life of the automotive paint meter

Advanced digital probe guarantees accuracy of measurement

Using advanced digital probe technology, the digital signal processing is done directly on the probe that is not susceptible to interference and provides excellent test accuracy to ensure good repeatability during the entire measurement process and maintain data stability.

There are Fe, Al and Fe/Al three measurement pattern

Easy operation,zero-adjustment replace the intricate calibration

Two alternative units can be used

Four languages can be switched

Qualifications and Standards

Standards for the product:

  • DIN EN ISO 2808 Paints and Varnishes-Determination of Film Thickness

  • JJG-818-2005 Verification Regulation of Magnetic and Eddy Current Measuring Instrument for Coating Thickness 

  • GB/T 4956-2003 Non-magnetic Coatings on Magnetic Substrates-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Magnetic Method

  • GB/T 4957-2003 Non-conductive Coatings on Non-magnetic Basis Metals-Measurement of Coating Thickness-Eddy Current

Qualification of the product

App Installation

Coating Thickness Gauge APP supports ios12.0 and above and Android OS 6.0 and above. Scan the QR code below with Google play and follow the instructions to download and install CoatingThicknessGauge.apk software. After installation, the "Coating Thickness Gauge" icon will appear on the desktop of your phone as shown below.

Operation Video

Packing List

No. Item Quantity Unit
1 LS235 Coating Thickness Gauge 1 Set
2 Fe plate of zero adjustment 1 Pcs
3 NFe plate of zero adjustment 1 Pcs
4 Standard film 1 Pcs
5 Cloth bag 1 Pcs
6 User manual 1 Pcs
7 Certificate/Warranty card 1 Pcs
8 1.5V AAA alkaline battery 2 Pcs
LS235 automotive paint meter package
LS235 automotive paint meter package


  1. 1. The difference between LS220 and LS235 car paint meter?

    LS220 and LS235 car paint meter both can identify metallic puttty and iron galvanized car body. When discovered metallic putty, the screen of LS235 will turn red while turns green recognizing iron galvanized car body.

  2. 2. How to judge whether the car has been repainted or not?

    At present, the paint thickness of different brands of cars on the market is not exactly the same. Therefore, when measuring the paint film thickness of a certain car, you can first measure the paint thickness on the car roof, because car roof is rarely affected by external forces and scratches, dents or deformation, it is more likely to retain the original paint thickness. To test the specfic position of the car, you can take the upper, lower, left, right, and middle five points to test and calculate the average value of the five data. If the value of one point is greater than the average value of more than 30μm, this position may have been repainted.

  3. 3. Under what circumstances we need to make zero adjustment?

    When the body material of the car under test changes; the instrument has not been used for a long time; when the ambient temperature changed significantly; after the battery is replaced; when it can not recognize ferrou putty or iron galvanized cae body.

  4. 4. Can I customize the LOGO and shell of the car paint meter?

    Yes, but there is a minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity for customized LOGO: 100pcs; the minimum order quantity for customized instrument shell: 500pcs. If you want to know more about the Linshang coating thickness gauge, Please click “Paint Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ”.

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