How to Measure Glass Thickness Using Glass Thickness Gauge?

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How to measure glass thickness of single layer glass, double/triple glazed window? Glass thickness gauge is a high precision glass thickness measurement tool suitable for measuring the installed glass, double/triple glazed window.

I. Why do we measure glass thickness?

In the modern building decoration, the application of glass is becoming popular. The glass is widely used in exterior walls of the building, the partitions in the office building, the decoration in the home, the decoration of the hotel, etc. The glass thickness often determines whether the glass is installed in accordance with the standard. The glass manufacturer and the construction unit need to check the acceptance of the project. Besides, different kinds of glass have different requirements for the glass thickness so as to achieve their performance. Therefore, there are special standards for glass thickness in different industries.

Glass thickness gauge is an instrument that uses the principle of optical reflection to realize the measurement of glass thickness on a single side surface of glass. The biggest difference between it and traditional thickness gauges (such as a scale) is that it can measure occasions where a scale cannot or is not easy to measure. There are also some more versatile glass thickness gauges that can also measure insulating glass or glass that has been installed. Different instruments on the market can be used to measure the thickness of different types of glass. Users can choose according to their actual needs.

II. How to measure glass thickness?

1. Glass thickness measurement tools for single layer glass

a. Vernier caliper

The first reaction for most people is to use a vernier caliper. Vernier caliper is a great tool for measuring glass thickness, but their functions are limited. Vernier calipers can only be used to measure single-layer glass and can't be used to measure installed glass. If you need to measure the glass or curtain wall glass on the door and window, the vernier caliper will not work. So, new glass thickness tool for measuring installed glass such as curtain wall has been developed.

b. Glass thickness gauge

Digital glass thickness gauge can solve this problem. The glass thickness gauge is not only suitable for measuring the thickness of a single layer glass, but also for measuring installed glass. It is accurate to measure from either side of the glass, no need to remove the panel and no exposed edges or opening required. Next, we will explain how to measure the glass thickness of double glazed using digital glass thickness meter.

2. Measure the thickness of double/triple glazed window as follows: 

Now we use LS201 digital glass thickness gauge for measurements. 

  1. Long press the "Power" button to turn on the glass thickness tool.

  2. Short press the "Select" button to select Chinese or English.

  3. Select automatic mode or manual mode.

  4. Place the glass thickness measurement tool on the insulating glass surface

  5. Press the "Power" button to measure the glass thickness, the thickness of glass and air interlayer are displayed. The 1 and 2 below the instrument represent two kinds of measurement results

Now we use LS200 glass thickness meter for measurements.

  1. Place the instrument on top of the glass to be measured and press the red button to display the measurement results

  2. The instrument will show the scale light bar, the scale data on it is the glass thickness (single-layer glass)

  3. To measure insulating glass, place the instrument on top of the insulating glass. There will be four scale light bars on the scale, and the four scale light bars correspond to three spatial distances, which are the thickness of the glass, air layer, and glass

Linshang LS201 and LS200 are two high precision glass thickness gauge invented by a famous Chinese glass thickness gauge manufacturer- Linshang Technology. This glass thickness gauge uses the principle of laser reflection. 

glass thickness gauge
glass thickness gauge

III. Digital glass thickness measurement tool (glass thickness gauge)

1. Laser glass thickness meter LS200

LS200 laser glass thickness meter adopts the principle of laser reflection and has two scales. When measuring the glass thickness, the users need to calculate the thickness of the glass and the air layer by reading the data on the scales.

  • The instrument can be displayed in English and Chinese (switch), and used without borders.

  • Can be non-destructive detection of glass thickness, laser reflection principle, can be used for single-sided measurement of glass thickness.

  • The measurement speed is fast and the measurement accuracy is high, the accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

  • Instrument use a wide range, can be used to measure three glass two cavity, laminated glass and other kinds of glass materials.

  • You can set the corresponding parameters according to your measurement needs to get accurate measurement data.

glass thickness reading
glass thickness reading

2. Digital Glass thickness gauge LS201 

LS201 digital glass thickness gauge supports Chinese and English interface switching. Automatic and manual measurement modes can be selected. In the manual measurement mode, we can pre-set the thickness of the glass and air layers so that the measurement data can be more accurate. The LS201 glass thickness gauge is especially suitable for the glass thickness measurement of installed glass, double/triple glazed window, laminated glass.  

  • The instrument uses the laser reflection principle and can measure on one side.

  • It can be used to measure insulating glass, and can measure the thickness of air interlayer and glass at the same time.

  • The measuring range is large, the air lamination can be measured up to 34mm,  glass thickness can be measured up to 70mm.

  • The instrument is fast, compact, easy to operate, energy saving and environmental protection.

  • Wide range of use, can be used for quality inspection, supervision, teaching, production and other occasions.

● Single-layer glass, double glazing and triple glazing
● Laser reflection principle
● Measurement range:Glass thickness 70mm,air interlayer 45mm
● Chinese and English measurement modes
● Single-layer glass, insulating glass and glass bottles
● Laser reflection principle
● Measurement range:Glass thickness 70mm,air interlayer 34mm

3. Glass that can be Measured with Glass Thickness Gauge

  • Single pane float glass

  • Double glazed (IG units)

  • Triple glazed (IG units)

  • Low-E glass

  • Tempered glass

  • Bronzed glass

  • Tinted glass

  • Laminated glass

  • Bullet-proof glass

As a Chinese famous glass thickness gauge manufacturer, Linshang Technology devoted to provide the glass thickness measurement service. If you have any doubts about "how thick is my double glazing?" For more product information, please refer to "How to select a suitable glass thickness gauge?".