Application of gloss meter in automotive industry

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The gloss meter may be used in the auto beauty sector to determine if a car can fulfill the standards of beauty and cleanliness after beauty treatment. Gloss meters use the principle of light reflection to assess the intensity of gloss on automobile body surfaces, car interior leather surfaces, and so on. The gloss meter measures the sheen of the automobile before and after detailing and represents it as a quantitative value, which can be readily and efficiently appraised.

gloss meter
gloss meter

Application of gloss meter for paint in auto beauty industry

1、Body cleaning and beauty

The body beauty project may make extensive use of the gloss meter, including our usual high-pressure vehicle wash, removal of asphalt, tar, and other filth, as well as mirror treatment and other treatments. The gloss meter for paint is used to correctly measure the surface of the automobile before and after the beauty treatment, and the data can be produced accurately by recording the comparison to determine if it satisfies the requirement.

2、Cosmetic paintwork

Aside from the simple cleaning and beauty of the automobile body, the beauty of the car's paint surface is also very essential in improving the car's beauty.

First, uniformity is a significant indicator to consider when considering the paint on the surface of the automobile; while the surface of the car appears shining, uniformity is difficult to identify with the naked eye.

Secondly, because the automobile paint surface is easily scratched and loses light, the paint and waxing items in the paint beauty are a very significant protection measure, and the paint and waxing items are highly reliant on the process's technological level. The application of a gloss meter, which allows the paint to take a multi-point measurement technique and compare data, may provide a more objective evaluation of the paint beauty process technology level.

3、Car interior decoration care

The outside of the automobile beauty treatment is necessary, but the inside of the car beauty is also required. The automobile interior beauty consists mostly of the car room, engine, baggage, and other aspects of the vehicle. Among them, automobile leather maintenance is a very significant aspect of the car, improving its shine to increase the car's grade and appearance. After a long period of usage, the shine of the leather will deteriorate; nevertheless, frequent maintenance may maintain its luster. We may use the gloss meter to measure the leather before and after care, and then compare the results to correctly assess the effect of the care.

Application of gloss meter in automotive coating industry

1.Evaluate the gloss effect of car film

A good coating process for the car is "like a tiger with wings", can protect the car paint, but also make the surface of the car paint appears bright and lasting, feel silky smooth effect, rainy days can also make the rain quickly slide off, protective and aesthetic are greatly enhanced. Among them, maintaining a good gloss plays a big role.

Although we can visually assess the gloss effect of the film, the gloss level is closely related to the light. Visual inspection can be influenced by subjective factors of different people, such as observation angle, observation environment light, observer's psychological condition, etc. Automotive gloss meter can exclude these artificial subjective factors and conduct the test objectively. The instrument has built-in light source, which is not affected by angle and ambient light, and the data is more accurate.

2. Judging the quality of paint protective film

Paint protective film is now very popular a new environmentally friendly film, for car lovers, paste the invisible car coat to the car all-day "care" is a very important thing. Its glossiness can be detected by paint gloss meter.

The original paint for the car, is the most precious unlike the engine body parts these can be replaced, the original paint is formed after a complex process, later even if how to make up, and then good material, can not replace the original paint, so many people choose to use paint protective film as a protective car coat, but many people also because of paint protective film and have been fooled, poor quality car coat serious and even hurt the car's paint, but There are also many people because of the superb performance of the paint protective film, the original car paint to protect the bright and shiny, then the face of the market a variety of paint protective film brands, how to pick a preferred paint protective film, is also a big headache.

We often say that the glossiness of the car coat refers to the glossy characteristics of the car after covering the car coat, the car coat will lead to changes in the original car gloss due to the difference in quality. If it is a high-quality paint protective film, the transparency is very high, and can be excellent integration with the original car, not only will not affect the original color of the car paint, but also can enhance the gloss of the car paint. The poor quality of the car coat, its transparency is not enough, it may lead to the car paint looks color difference and gloss loss.

gloss meter measure paint for the car
gloss meter measure paint for the car

Principle of paint gloss meter

When testing the automotive coating, the paint gloss meter irradiates the measured object under the condition of the specified incidence angle and the specified beam, and gets the reflected light in the direction of the mirror reflection angle. 60° is the universal angle, which can meet the needs of general automotive paint. Simply speaking, it is to measure the automotive coating by using the principle of light reflection, so as to test the gloss intensity of the automotive coating surface.

How to use a gloss meter for paint


Take LS195 paint gloss meter as an example, before using the gloss meter for the first time, perform calibration and calibrate it through the standard plate that comes with the instrument; pay attention to the cleanliness of the standard plate before calibration. The paint gloss meter has a temperature compensation function and does not require frequent calibration.

Multi-point sampling

When conducting coating inspection, take multi-point sampling method. After ensuring that the surface is clean and free of stains, the instrument is placed directly on the surface of the car coating for measurement. The instrument is easy to operate as it is ready to be placed and measured.

Take the average value

The LS195 gloss meter has excellent repeatability of ±0.2GU.

LS195 gloss meter
LS195 gloss meter