Linshang Online Light Transmission Meter Glass

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The online light transmission meter glass, as its name suggests, is an instrument for detecting the transmittance of glass on a glass production line. We know that there are all kinds of glass for glass manufacturers, such as transparent glass, tinted glass, frosted glass, coated glass, etc. We generally use the Linshang LS152 online light transmission meter glass to detect the glass light transmittance. So what is the relationship between the transmittance, optical density and glass thickness of glass?
     The transmittance (optical density) of the material is proportional to the thickness of the coating. We generally achieve the purpose of detecting material uniformity and coating thickness by detecting the light transmittance of the material. The Linshang LS152 online light transmission meter glass is based on this principle.
    First let’s get to know the product structure of Linshang LS152 online light transmission meter glass. This equipment is mainly composed of measurement and control host, man-machine interface control box and computer real-time monitoring software. The measurement and control host mainly comprises a receiving probe, a light source probe, a controller and an aluminum bracket.

light transmission meter glass

So how to use the on-line light transmission meter glass to detect the transmittance of the online glass?
     1.Since the product line of the glass factory is relatively large, we disassemble the instrument and fix the receiving probe and the light source probe of the instrument to the upper end of the glass line and the lower end of the glass respectively. Multiple test points can be set according to the requirements of the product line.
     2.Connect the controller to the test point with an aviation plug (one controller can control 3 test points).
     3.After connecting all the wires, connect the output cable in the junction box to the man-machine display interface. The man-machine display interface is mainly used to display the measurement results. Connect the alarm light to the interface of the display unit.
     4.Click the limit setting to set the upper limit, lower limit and reference value. Turn on the alarm switch to save.
     5.Click on the real-time monitoring on the man-machine display interface, you will see the test data of three points (the data is 100% when no material is placed). There are two display modes of optical density and light transmittance on the display interface. When the glass flows through the assembly line, we will see the transmittance value of the glass.

The above is the detailed introduction of the online light transmission meter glass. This instrument provides a two-way RS485 communication interface, which conforms to the MODBUS communication protocol and facilitates communication with PLC, MCU, human-machine interface, , computer, etc., This meter fully realizes control automation.