What is a plant colorimeter? Application of plant colorimeter

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Plants are affected by the environment and photosynthesis, temperature and light, ph value and other factors will lead to different color changes in plants, and the human eye observation of plant color is limited, in order to assess the plant color color difference, you can use the plant colorimeter for color difference measurement. So what is a plant colorimeter? What is the application of plant colorimeter?

plant colorimeter
plant colorimeter

What is a plant colorimeter?

Plant colorimeter is a color detection instrument with a specific light source and color detector. The built-in light source shines onto the surface of the object and measures the reflected light from the surface of the object by sensing the red, green and blue sensors to measure the color of the object. Using the international common color space CIE Lab to calculate the color difference information and color difference value.

Here we recommend the use of Linshang Technology's plant colorimeter, with super high cost performance, high repeatability, and standard deviation △E*ab within 0.03, to ensure that it can pass the national authoritative metrology institute testing.

Application of plant colorimeter

  • Understand the plant growth condition

    By using the plant colorimeter to measure the plant leaves at different stages on the same plant, we can observe the color change of the plant at different stages and under different environments, and conduct further research on the growth of the plant by understanding the color change.

  • Assist in plant inspection and growth research

    Botanists can redirect their research to color identification by using plant colorimeters to distinguish other similar vegetation or to help identify new species. Rose breeders and other florists pay close attention to color differences through colorimeters to improve their feeding methods, select flowers for various uses, and distinguish wildflower species. Food processors, such as saffron producers and distributors, can use plant colorimeters to detect whether supplies are adulterated. Land managers can use plant colorimeters to detect invasive species or promote the growth of endangered species, as well as to conduct simple surveys. In addition to other factors, foresters similarly rely on the color measurement capabilities of color difference detection instruments to distinguish similar tree species from other forest vegetation.

  • Controlling color differences in artificial plants

    It is not an easy task for manufacturers of artificial plants to produce realistic artificial plants. This requires strict control of the color quality of artificial plants. The color of artificial plants can be accurately evaluated through the testing of plant color difference meter to ensure that the appearance effect is almost identical to that of real plants.

  • Judging the freshness of vegetables

    The color of vegetables is an important judging index for people to purchase, therefore, in the study of vegetable preservation, the color difference of vegetables needs to be measured by plant colorimeter, so as to judge whether the vegetables are fresh or not.

Application tips for plant colorimeter

  • Measure the base, center, tip and branch of the stem.

  • Measure the center of the leaf, the outside edge and the position of the stem where the base meets the leaf. Here we recommend using the LS173 handheld colorimeter from Linshang, which is easy to operate.

  • Measure the flowers in the same way as you measure the leaves.

LS173 handheld colorimeter
LS173 handheld colorimeter