Coating Thickness Gauge Used in High-speed Railway

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At present, the operation of high-speed rail trains is becoming more and more intense. Together with the nationally named Belt and Road strategy, the dependence on and demand for high-speed rails has accelerated. Out of this situation, my country needs more excellent high-speed rail manufacturing technology and strict quality control to support.

When the high-speed rail is running, the maximum speed of the vehicle can reach more than 300km/h. The friction with the air or particles will be very strong. Different conditions will affect the appearance of the train. Even after the Sichuan-Tibet line is opened, the pressure at different altitudes will affect the body.

Based on the above factors, it is necessary to cover the surface of the high-speed rail body with a coating that can cope with the above conditions. At this stage, China generally uses anti-corrosion composite coatings, which have good adhesion and wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Contains natural resins, polishing agents, adhesives, etc., but if anti-corrosion composite coatings can play the desired effect, the thickness must meet the national standards, and the corresponding coating thickness gauge will be used for testing.

coating thickness gauge
coating thickness gauge

The anti-corrosion composite coating is applied to prevent the metal on the exterior of the vehicle body from being corroded. The loss caused by the corrosion of metal products in our country accounts for 4% of the national economy each year, which is about 30 billion RMB.

And one of the most effective ways to prevent metal from corrosion has been to apply anti-corrosion coating on the metal surface to isolate the corrosive medium from effective contact with the metal substrate. In the high-speed rail industry, if the car body is allowed to corrode without any anti-corrosion measures, it will cause certain economic losses. Therefore, it is imperative to apply anti-corrosion composite coatings on high-speed rail trains. Thickness inspection of anticorrosive composite coatings to prove that it really meets the required standards.

What are the advantages of Linshang LS223 coating thickness gauge?

  1. Without frequent calibration, it can be used after simple zero adjustment.

  2. The probe is sensitive and can complete a test in 0.5 seconds.

  3. The probe adopts ruby process, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

  4. Simple operation.

  5. It is portable and can be brought to different detection locations at will.

In fact, the coating thickness gauge has an irreplaceable position in other industries except for its position in the field of high-speed rail.



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