How should the auto beauty industry apply the gloss meter?

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The car beauty project is an essential part of every car owner. Its main purpose is to clean and care the exterior and interior of the car body, thereby improving the appearance of the car. In the standard verification of car beauty projects, there is an instrument that is closely related to it, that is, the gloss meter.

Gloss meter to measure automobile
Gloss meter to measure automobile

The relationship between gloss meter and auto beauty industry

In the car beauty industry, whether the car after beauty can meet the requirements of beauty and cleanliness can be tested with a gloss meter. The gloss meter relies on the principle of light reflection to test the glossiness of the surface of the car body and the surface of the leather goods in the car. The instrument compares the gloss of the car before and after beauty, and expresses it with the measured value, which can be easily and conveniently judged by using a gloss meter.

Application of Gloss Meter in Automobile Beauty Industry

1. Body cleaning and beauty

There are many gloss meters that can be used in this project, including our common high-pressure car washing, removal of asphalt, tar and other dirt, and mirror treatment, all of which are body beauty projects. Use a gloss meter to measure the surface of the car body before and after beauty treatment, and by recording and comparing, the data can be accurately obtained, so as to judge whether it meets the standard.

2. Paint beauty

In addition to the simple cleaning and beauty of the car body, the beauty of the car paint is also very important to the improvement of the car's aesthetics.

First, the uniformity is an important indicator to consider the quality of the paint on the surface of the car. Although the surface of the car looks bright, the uniformity is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye;

Second, the paint surface of the car is prone to scratches and loss of gloss. The items such as painting and waxing in the beauty of the paint surface are very important protection measures, and these items of painting and waxing are very dependent on the technical level of the process. Using a gloss meter, a multi-point measurement method is adopted for the car paint, and by comparing the data, it is possible to more objectively evaluate the technological level of the paint surface beauty.

3. Car interior decoration care

The beauty of the exterior of the car is properly handled, and the beauty of the interior of the car is also indispensable. Interior beauty is mainly car interior, engine, trunk and other parts of the care. Among them, the care of the leather in the car is a very important part, and improving its gloss is very important for improving the grade and aesthetics of the car. After a long time of use, the leather will lose its luster, and regular care can keep it in good condition. We can use a gloss meter to measure the leather before and after care, and through comparison, we can accurately test the effect after care.

In the automotive beauty industry, gloss is one of the most important indicators, and the gloss involved varies. We recommend using the LS197 three-angle gloss meter. The instrument adopts three measurement angles of 20°, 60°, and 85°, and can measure materials with high, medium, and low gloss. The instrument meets the first-class machine standard and has high measurement accuracy. Please consult customer service if necessary!