Densitometer Supplier

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There are many densitometer suppliers and the product characteristics of different suppliers and the materials tested are different. Below we will find out the product characteristics between different densitometer suppliers.
 1.American X-Rite densitometer supplier.
   Its representative products are X-Rite 341c densitometers. This instrument is mainly used to measure a variety of films and aluminized film. The US imported instruments have been recognized by many large domestic and foreign companies. The price is about 10,000 RMB. The specific measurement parameters are as follows:

● Light transmittance measurement range: 0%-100%

● Optical density measurement range: 0-5.0 OD

● Measurement accuracy: ±0.02OD (0-4.0OD, 2mm and 3mm test aperture)

● ±2% (4.0OD-5.0OD, 3mm test aperture)

● Light hole size: 2mm and 3mm

● Light source: ANSI/ISO visual
 2.Chinese Linshang densitometer supplier.
   Its representative product is Linshang LS117
densitometer which adopt the diffuse transmission principle. The probe has an integrating sphere effect. It is suitable for testing optical density and light transmittance of aluminum film, film, X-ray film and opal white translucent material. The specific parameters are as follows:

● Transmittance measurement accuracy: ±1% (0% --- 50%), ± 2% (50% --- 100%).

● Transmittance resolution: 0.0005% (0% --- 10%), 0.005% (10% --- 100%).

● Optical density measurement range: 0.000 OD --- 6.000 OD.

● Optical density measurement accuracy: ±0.02 (0 --- 2.00 OD), ±2% (2.00 --- 6.00 OD).

● Optical density resolution: 0.001 OD (0 --- 2.00 OD), 0.01 OD (2.00 --- 4.00 OD), 0.1 OD (4.00 --- 6.00 OD).

● Light hole size: 2mm.

● Light source: 380nm-760nm, in line with CIE Ming visual function standard.
  3.The United States TM densitometer supplier
   Its representative product is MT400. This product has high reputation in the industry. The instrument is widely used in the inspection of automotive glass and all kinds of glasses, sunglasses, sun protection film transmittance. The disadvantage is that the product is expensive and the screen is too small to take pictures during the measurement process. There is no laser positioning during the measurement.

MT densitometer

4.East Convergence densitometer supplier:
  Its representative product is DR81. The densitometer has advantages such as simple operation and fast measurement. The instrument has two measurement modes: single measurement and continuous measurement. The test data has a large storage capacity and can store 800 test data. The disadvantage is that manual calibration is required and the sleeve measurement requires low white line measurement accuracy. The thickness of the measured material is the thickest and can only measure 18mm. The specific product parameters are as follows:

● Measuring range: 0.0-100% measured quantity

● Beam penetration maximum substrate thickness: 15mm

● Measurement accuracy: ≤2%

● Ambient temperature: 0-40 ° C
 The above is the product characteristics and specific parameters of each densitometer supplier.