What Affect Paint Thickness Checker Accuracy?

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In the past, when testing vehicles, without the help of paint thickness checkers, it is undoubtedly a major problem to detect the thickness of spray paint on the car body. It also plays a great role in identifying whether it is a used car and it protects and decorates the surface of the body. The coatings and chemically generated films, are called platings in relevant national and international standards. The coating thickness measurement has become an important part of vehicle quality inspection and it is also an excellent product. 

paint thickness checker

In the process of internationalization, China's export vehicles have clear requirements for the cladding thickness. Due to the characteristics of low accuracy, high reliability, high stability and easy operation in the measurement process of the paint thickness checker, the paint thickness checker plays an important role in controlling and ensuring product quality.

1. Factors affecting the paint thickness checker accuracy 

(1) Wear-resistant probe

When the paint thickness checker is used to detect the vehicle, in order to obtain the coating thickness, the probe inevitably contacts the vehicle shell, so the most vulnerable part of the thickness gauge is the probe.

(2) Coating thickness measurement range 

The paint thickness checker belongs to the standard measurement range for the detected vehicle materials. If the substrate measured during the detection does not fall within the detection range of the paint thickness checker, the results displayed by the instrument will lack accuracy.

(3) Righ operation methods

The accuracy of the test results is greatly affected by whether the manual measurement process is standardized. Improper use of the method will not only cause inaccuracy of the measurement results, but more serious practices will also lead to instrument damage or even scrap.

2. Linshang LS220H paint thickness checker

All paint thickness checkers will be affected by the above factors. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, choosing an advanced paint thickness checker means is significant. Linshang LS220H paint thickness checker is an integrated high-precision instrument among many coating thickness measurement equipment. It can be used for coating thickness measurement on various metal substrates. In principle, it uses two kinds of coating thickness measurement principles Hall effect and eddy current. The principle of thickness measurement is to obtain the thickness of various materials reflected from the back of the detected vehicle and then obtain the results of the vehicle inspection.
       LS220H paint thickness checker is small and the fast measurement of 0.5s shortens the measurement process. The advanced digital probe is used to ensure the stability of the test data. More importantly, the ruby probe has wear resistance and corrosion resistance.