How To Select Colorimeter?

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The colorimeter is a precision instrument made according to the industrial standards promulgated by the country. It can measure the reflected color of objects and plays an important role in quality control and wide industrial application. It can be used in chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy, building materials, medicine , food, home appliances and other industries, sample color difference detection, color quality control and color management.

1. Types of colorimeters

Colorimeters are usually divided into handheld colorimeters, portable colorimeters and colorimeters. They have both common features and characteristics. Hand-held colorimeter is widely used in the field of color management, simple operation. It can directly read data and the accuracy is relatively low. The portable colorimeter can directly read data and connect to the computer, with relatively high accuracy and moderate price. The colorimeter can use color measurement and color matching software when connected to a computer. It has high-precision color measurement and color matching functions. It has a large volume and a high price.

2. Misunderstanding of choosing colorimeter

When people choose to buy a colorimeter, because they do not understand the overall situation of the industry and the specific conditions of the colorimeter. They sometimes fall into the misunderstanding. They think that the beautiful appearance of the colorimeter and the imported high-cost colorimeter must have good performance. In fact, the professional and technical personnel regard the colorimeter accuracy is very important! The ultimate purpose of a colorimeter is to measure the color difference of products and solve the problems related to color difference. Only colorimeters with high accuracy and stable performance can meet the requirements of the industry. In addition, the colorimeter is very good in high accuracy, stability and failure rate, but the handheld colorimeter and portable colorimeter can meet the color difference measurement needs of some users because of their simple operation and portability.

Therefore, whether the colorimeter is good or not depends on whether it can accurately measure the color deviation and whether it can actually solve the color difference problem. In addition, sometimes because of the improper use of the instrument or the difference or deviation in the understanding of the measurement data, it will also draw the wrong conclusion. In this case, the technical support of the professional of the colorimeter manufacturer is required.

3. Precautions for choosing a colorimeter

At present, the brands and models of colorimeters on the Chinese market can be described as varied, ranging from domestic ones to imported ones. The prices vary greatly. Of course, their functions and performance are also different. When purchasing a colorimeter, the colorimeter should be selected according to the overall requirements of the buyer's industry and the individual needs of the buyer, combined with the specific requirements of the two for the colorimeter. So the colorimeter can meet the needs of the user. Of course, the after-sales service provided by the colorimeter manufacturer is also an important reference standard for purchasing colorimeters.

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