Linshang UV Energy Meter LS120 Advantages

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The Linshang UV energy meter LS120 is an UV power puck designed to measure high pressure mercury lamps. The instrument can measure power, time, temperature and energy at the same time. It has a graph display function and can analyze the intensity distribution of multiple light sources on the production line. And you can connect the instrument to a computer app, export data and print test reports.
     Linshang UV energy meter LS120 as a high-quality domestic UV power puck. Its instrument accuracy and data stability consistency will not be weaker than the US EIT UV energy meter and Japan ORC UV energy meter. And the instrument can be returned to the manufacturer without the permission if the customer find the instrument unsuitable.
    Below we will specifically introduce the advantages of the Linshang UV energy meter LS120.

1. High precision

The sampling speed of the instrument can be up to 2048 times per second. The instrument is calibrated with standard light sources and standard instruments. Making thousands of experiments and tests only to provide a good experience for customers.

2. Display temperature and power graph

The instrument can view the temperature and power graph in the “STOP” state. The power graph can help analyze the intensity distribution of multiple sources on the production line. If a light source is found to be attenuated, the light source can be replaced in time to avoid bad curing effect.

UV energy meter

3. Two measurement modes

The instrument has both manual and automatic measurement modes. The automatic mode is suitable for using on the production line. The instrument can set the power trigger value. When the intensity of the UV light source reaches the set trigger power value, the instrument will automatically start measuring.
     If the production line is very long, it is necessary to run for a long time to reach the UV light source of the equipment. In this situation, we recommend you to use the auto mode. If it is used routinely, it is recommended to enable the manual measurement mode.

4. High temperature resistance

The instrument has built-in insulation sheets that are resistant to high temperatures and can operate in a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius for a long time. After using it in boiling water for 4 minutes, it can still be used normally.

5. Data saving

The stored data is not lost when it is powered off. The last test data will be automatically displayed after powering on and the test data needs to be deleted manually. The UV power puck can record up to 60,000 data, 3800 temperature data.
    In addition to the above advantages, the Linshang UV energy meter LS120 is also the first instrument equipped with built-in timer to accurately record the curing time. It can help users to set the curing process parameters.