Why Do We Use UV Intensity Meter?

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In life, such as hospitals, sewage treatment plants, etc., ultraviolet rays are used for sterilization. We generally use a special UV intensity meter to detect the intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamps. So why do we use UV intensity meter?

1. The principle of ultraviolet sterilization

The principle of ultraviolet sterilization: the use of appropriate wavelengths to destroy the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid or ribonucleic acid in microbial matrix cells, causing death of growth cells and death of regenerative cells.Thereby achieving the purpose of disinfection. Its application industry is relatively extensive, mainly used in hospitals, CDCs, pharmaceutical companies, food and drug bureaus, etc.

Different wavelength bands of the ultraviolet light have different functions. Some bands can be used for sterilization, while others can be used for curing. If the wavelength of the UV lamp used for sterilization is not accurate, it will not achieve the purpose of sterilization. Therefore, we must use the UV intensity meter to test the intensity of the germicidal lamp. For UVB light irradiation intensity, Linshang multi-probe UV light meter is recommended.

LS126C UV intensity meter

LS126C UV light meter

2. National relevant industry standards

For the sterilization and disinfection industry, the Chinese government issued three relevant specifications. WS/T 367-2012 "Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Medical Institutions"; 2009 Edition "Technical Specifications for Hospital Disinfection"; UV germicidal lamps GB19258-2003. The above relevant specifications are on the 15th, 9th and 4th pages respectively: Appendix A.3 UV disinfection effect monitoring, 2.3 UV disinfection, UV radiation illumination rating.

3. The above industry standards mainly stipulate the following points

  1. The ultraviolet probe is placed at the center of the vertical distance of 1 m under the UV lamp under inspection.

  2. The irradiation intensity of the 30W straight tube type UV lamp in use must be greater than 70μW/cm2

  3. The peak wavelength of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp (low-pressure mercury lamp) is 253.7nm, which has a sterilization function.

  4. The irradiation intensity of the new ordinary 30W straight tube type UV lamp should be more than 100μW/cm2.

  5. UV lamps with different powers and different shapes have different irradiance values.

Because there are Chinese relevant industry standards, the UV intensity meter can be used to determine whether the UV lamp intensity meets the national standard. If you want to know more about UV intensity meter principles and units, you can read "UV Intensity Meter Measuring Principle and UV Intensity Unit".



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