Paper gloss meter application in printing industry and how to measure?

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A paper gloss meter is an instrument used to test the gloss of paper. Gloss index plays a key role in the printing industry, mainly used for non-coated paper, coated paper, etc. The following will introduce paper gloss, how to choose a gloss meter and how to measure it.

What is paper gloss

Paper gloss refers to the closeness of the paper surface to the perfect specular reflection ability in terms of the ability to reflect incident light, that is, the reflection of the paper surface to light.

The glossiness of paper is mainly determined by the process of sizing materials on the surface of paper, and the smoothness and calendering of paper will also affect the value of paper gloss. The glossiness of paper has a great effect on the user's reading vision and eye impact: high-gloss prints are colorful, but the high-reflection is easy to cause eye fatigue; low-gloss prints are suitable for reading, but matte effects are difficult to attract attention in a short time, so it is not suitable for outdoor advertising or packaging.

LS195 gloss meter measuring paper gloss
LS195 gloss meter measuring paper gloss

How to choose a gloss meter

When measuring gloss, different incident angles are selected, and the results will be different. Gloss meters on the market have three angles of 20°, 60° and 85°. The angle can be selected according to the expected gloss range. Generally, 60° is selected for the measurement of paper gloss.

According to the division of "JJG 696-2015 Verification Regulations for Specular Gloss Meter and Gloss Board", use a 60° gloss meter to measure, the gloss less than 30GU is low gloss, and the gloss between 30GU and 70GU is medium gloss. Greater than 70GU is high gloss. If you need to test paper with multiple gloss levels, you can choose LS197 three-angle gloss meter. The instrument can obtain data at three angles of 20°, 60° and 85° at one time. From the obtained gloss value, we can make an accurate judgment, so as to detect and select the paper that meets our requirements.

Three-angle gloss meter to measure paper
Three-angle gloss meter to measure paper

How to measure paper gloss

Use the LS197 three-angle gloss meter to demonstrate, and follow the steps below: 

After power on, the instrument will prompt to calibrate; if the test environment is changed or it has not been used for a long time, it is recommended to perform calibration first and then test. Remove the moisture-proof paper before calibration, and keep the surface of the standard plate clean;

For measurement, the instrument defaults to the normal mode, which can be measured immediately after release. Directly align the test light hole with the paper to be measured, and ensure that the measured object completely covers the measuring aperture of the instrument. 

In normal mode, short press the key to lock the data, and the "Hold" logo will appear on the screen, and the data will not change after picking up the instrument;

The instrument can be set to QC mode, and the upper and lower limits can be set in the computer software, which is convenient and fast for batch testing; it can also cooperate with the computer for online measurement and generate corresponding test reports;

calibration needs to keep the standard plate clean
Calibration needs to keep the standard plate clean
normal mode measurement
normal mode measurement

The above is the application of paper gloss meter in the printing industry and how to measure paper gloss. If you want to know more, you can consult Linshang customer service.