Application of High-precision Coating Thickness Gauge in Thermal Spraying Process

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How thick the coating is, in fact, it depends on the bonding strength of the material and the work piece material. The bonding strength of different materials and various types of work pieces is different. To achieve a good spraying effect and control the coating thickness, it requires long-term experience accumulation. Generally, as for the measuring instrument for measuring the thickness of thermal sprayed metal coatings. We can use Linshang high-precision dry film gauge, which has a relatively high measurement accuracy.

     In order to ensure that the spraying construction personnel can effectively control the thickness of the thermal spraying metal coating within the thickness range required by the design. The workshop technical workers must repeat the process on the waste component or test panel before the project starts. Conduct metal thermal spraying test and training. Linshang high-precision coating thickness gauge are commended for thickness detection. Through the test and training, spraying construction personnel can master the performance of spraying equipment, spraying skills.

     Thickness control during construction. In the process of thermal spraying metal coating construction, the inspector or coating construction staff should timely detect the coating thickness according to the line measurement and point measurement methods and find that the coating thickness does not meet the requirements and make timely corrections.

      Linshang LS223 high-precision Coating Thickness GaugeFeatures

  1. It is a dual-purpose iron and aluminum instrument. It is suitable for the measurement of nonmagnetic coatings on ferromagnetic metal substrates such as steel. Measurement of conductive coatings.

  2. Measurement range can be up to 5mm. This high-precision corrosion thickness gauge is much higher-end than the ordinary coating thickness gauges on the market.

  3. LS223 high-precision paint thickness gauge uses imported digital probes. This imported digital probe can provide excellent test accuracy, make the data tested by the instrument more accurate.