When do We Need to Make Zero Adjustment for the Automotive Paint Meters?

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Linshang automotive paint meter uses both eddy current and Hall Effect measurement principles to measure the coating thickness on various magnetic and non-magnetic metal substrates.When replacing the substrate of the test object,the instrument quickly identifies the material of the substrate and switches to the appropriate measurement mode. Therefore,it is very convenient to use.

A large number of automotive paint meters on the market need to use standard board to calibrate the instrument before use.It is very cumbersome to use,but the Linshang automotive paint meter do not need calibration just zero adjustment.The zero adjustment refers to the operation of manually pressing the data to 0 by pressing the instrument on a substrate that is not coated with any material.Some customers may feel that zero adjustment is complicated,but in fact,the zero adjustment is not required every time.So under what circumstances do you need to make zero adjustment?

1. When using the automotive paint meter for the first time,you need to make zero adjustment

For the first time,the automotive paint meter needs to be tested with the iron plate or aluminum plate for zero adjustment.One side of the two zero plates are uncoated.If you need to measure the coating thickness on the magnetic metal substrate, you can use iron plate for zero adjustment.If it is necessary to measure the coating thickness on the non-magnetic metal substrate,you can use aluminum plate to perform zero adjustment.

2. After replacing the battery.

3. When the ambient temperature changes.

If the instrument has not been used for a long time and the ambient temperature changes. After turning on the machine,it is recommended to make zero adjustment.

4. Change the substrate of the tested material

Previously,two measurement principles of the Linshang automotive paint meters were introduced.When testing the coating thickness on different substrates, the instrument can identify the type of substrate. Different substrates are completely different measurement principles.If we use non-ferrous mode instead of ferrous mode last time,then we need to make zero adjustment.

LS220 automotive paint meter

The zero adjustment of the automotive paint meter is mainly to reduce the measurement error. In addition to the standard zero adjustment plate,we can also use the work piece of the same material as the tested material for zero adjustment.Of course,the workpiece must be uncoated.The advantage of using the same material workpiece is that it can reduce the physical performance difference between the workpiece and the standard zero adjustment board.The ultimate goal is still to reduce the measurement error.