Which Linshang UV Energy Meter is Used for Measuring Xenon Lamp and Metal Halide Lamp?

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A few days ago, a customer asked us whether we have a suitable UV energy meter to measure crop lamps, xenon lamps, metal halide lamps. At that time, our salesman recommended the Linshang LS120UV energy meter to customers, so why do we recommend this instrument to customers, let's take a look at it together.
     Both crop lamps and xenon lamps are metal halide lamps, which are manufactured from high-purity quartz tubes. The quartz tube is filled with cobalt, gallium iodide and some rare metal iodides. These metal halide lamps are also called ultraviolet discharge lamps, copy lamps, etc. These lamps have long life, stable arc and high-intensity exposure.
    Due to its long life and many advantages, this halogen lamp has a wide range of uses. Commonly used in non-silver salt film, solder mask dry film, wet film, green solder resist, liquid photosensitive solder resist, resin plate, PS plate, film, screen, PCB diazo film and other photosensitive materials. This kind of lamp is usually divided into ordinary type and fast start type, the spectral response range is between 315mm-450mm, the main peaklength is 420nm.
     Linshang LS120 UV energy meter is suitable for metal halide lamp measurement . This UV energy meter has a spectral response range of 315nm-400 nm and a peak wavelength of 365nm in line with national standards. This UV energy meter has created many firsts in the industry:

LS120 UV energy meter

  • First UV energy meter capable of recording 60,000 data

  • First UV energy meter with real-time temperature and power measurement

  • First UV energy meter capable of displaying temperature curve

  • First UV energy meter with built-in timer to accurately record curing time

  • First UV energy meter capable of printing test report via USB connection to computer

This UV energy meter has a USB interface and is equipped with computer software to record data in detail and print a test report. This UV energy meter has fast speed and high measurement accuracy. It can run in the environment of 100 degrees Celsius for a long time. For details, please contact Linshang technical staff!



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