How to Use Gloss Meter to Test the Plastic Gloss?

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 Plastic is another kind of polymer material that is artificially synthesized by chemical means. It can be arbitrarily pinched into a variety of shapes that you want. It is also widely used in various industries.
  The Linshang LS191 gloss meter is a 60° meter. It is suitable for gloss testing of building materials, plastic materials, ceramic products, stone products, etc.
 Why do we need to test the gloss of plastic?
   We test the plastic gloss to evaluate the product quality based on data inspections and to indicate whether the production conditions are related to the material surface gloss. The range of plastic gloss is usually from 70-110 GU. We can measure the plastics gloss with a 60°
gloss meter LS191.

gloss meter

 Linshang LS191 gloss meter test the plastic

How to use gloss meter?
   Press the “power” button to turn on the meter .There is no need to press the button during measurement and the data will be immediately displayed after it is placed on the test sample. The instrument can store a total of 10 sets of data. The instrument has intelligent statistics, which can display the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation. The
gloss meter will automatically power off without any operation in 3 minutes.