Why is the LS162 Series Tint Meter So Hot?

Time:2019/06/19 10:02:00 Browse:658

Since the LS162 series tint meter were launched on the market, sales have been far ahead. In fact, there is not so many public promotions .Why customers buy the tint meter without any hesitation, because of its advantages.

tint meter

First: small size, easy to carry
In the past, many customers gave feedbacks that LS181/LS180 series of products, which is very easy to use but it is plugged in and the size is not easy to carry, it feels a bit of a fly in the ointment. The
LS162 series of tint meters, compact size is similar to an Apple 5S, the true sense of pocket products. It is very convenient to carry.
    Second: ultra-low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection
Standby power is less than 1uA, four AAA batteries are 600mA and the meter can be turned on normally after ten years! In the case of no operation, the instrument automatically shuts down in 3 minutes, saving energy and environmental protection.
    Third: 8mm card slot design, more convenient to use
LS162 series tint meter has upgraded the test card slot. As for the 8mm width test card slot, in addition to testing the solar film, it can also test the film glass and the on-site measurement of the side shield glass.
    The LS162 series tint meter, which combines various advantages, is the best choice for customer.



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