Why Will the Linshang Spectrum Transmission Meter Appear "EEE"?

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Some time ago,some customers reported that when using the old LS101/LS180/181/LS108 series of transmission meters,the meters sometimes flash,the number was missing,or“88.8”was displayed during data measurement.Is the instrument malfunctioning?In fact,it was because the transmission meter can’t pass the self-calibration.

1. So why should the spectrum transmission meter pass self-calibration?

  First,let's look at the test principle of optical transmittance:the test source of the spectrum transmission meterilluminates the tested substance.The sensor detects the incident light intensity and the intensity of light transmitted through the measured transparent material respectively.The ratio of transmitted light intensity to incident light intensity is the transmittance of light,expressed as a percentage.
     We know that any light source will decay over time.If the incident light intensity is attenuated,it can be seen from the above principle that the transmittance value of the material to be tested becomes large,resulting in inaccurate measurement data.The reason why we want to set the self-calibration function of the spectrum transmission meteris to judge whether the incident light intensity of the spectrum transmission meter has reached the standard range (excessive or excessive).If the light source of the spectrum transmission meter does not meet the standard range,the instrument will not pass the self-calibration.

2. So what are the objective reasons that cause the instrument can't pass the self-calibration?

spectrum transmission meter

  1. It may be that the light hole is clogged or there is dust,so that the light source is weakened but not self-calibrated.At this time we recommend that you can use a hair dryer to clean the light hole.Then restart the meter.

  2. It may be that the power supply head is broken,resulting in unstable voltage and making the light source weak.If this is the case,it is recommended to replace the power cord and plug.

  3. There is a barrier between the light hole and the receiver before starting up.It is recommended to remove the barrier before turning the meter on.

  4. The external light source is too strong.It is recommended to place the instrument in a normal light source environment.

  5. If  the spectrum transmission meterstill has problems,you can send the instrument back to factory for repair.

The above are the demonstrations of the self-calibration and measures we should taken when it fails.Linshang Technology Co.Ltd adheres to the management tenet of "Quality Innovation, Focus on Integrity",not only provides customers with cost-effective products,but also committed to provide good after-sales service.If you have any questions,please contact our customer service in time,we will be responsible for you.



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