What Materials Can be Measured by Transmission Meter?

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There are many brands and types of transmission meters on the market. The materials that can be measured by different transmission meters are also different. Even the materials tested by different brands of transmission meters are different. Let's take a look at what materials can be detected by the transmission meter?

  • The Linshang LS110 transmission meter is a light meter designed for automotive glass and architectural glass.

  • The Linshang LS116 transmission meter can be used to measure the light transmittance of glass products, solar films, foils, coating materials, organic materials and some large thickness materials.

  • The Linshang LS117 transmission meter can be used to measure the optical density of aluminized films, film, X-ray films, lens inks and other materials. And the meter is suitable for testing the transmittance of opalescent translucent materials, matte matte materials.

  • The Linshang LS183 transmission meter can be used to measure the transmittance of insulating coatings, single-layer glass, laminated glass (insulated glass), foil glass, PMMA materials, PC materials and the transmittance of infrared and ultraviolet rays.

  • The Linshang LS108 spectrum transmission meter can be used to measure the transmittance of visible, blue and violet light. It is suitable for testing spectacle lenses, anti-blue materials, coating materials, organic materials, PC materials, etc.

  • Linshang LS108A, LS108D spectrum transmission meters can detect 550nm visible light, infrared 850nm, 940nm. It is a professional measuring instrument which can test mobile phone cover IR ink.

LS108H transmission meter

Linshang LS108H transmission meter can detect 550nm visible light, 940nm infrared, 365nm ultraviolet light transmittance. It is suitable for transmittance testing of spectacle lenses, coatings, glass, PC materials.