Difference between LS103A and LS183 spectrum transmission meter

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LS103A spectrum transmission meter is a discontinued product from Linshang Technology. LS183 optical transmission meter is the replacement for this instrument. The new LS183 optical transmission meter uses a parallel optical path design to test large thickness materials, provides a more common power supply, and is available in a variety of display interface.
      Occasionally, customers have reflected that the data tested by the LS103A and LS183 are different. So we need to explain the difference between the two meters.
      The alternative LS183 and the discontinued LS103A spectrum transmission meter have the following main differences:
      1. The old LS103A is designed with non-parallel light and is not suitable for testing thick materials. The LS183 spectrum transmission meter uses a parallel light design that greatly improves the accuracy of the measurement and also satisfy the need for customers to test thick materials.

LS183 optical transmission meter

2. LS103A's power supply mode is 9V mobile power, and now there are few 9V mobile power manufacturers, it’s not convenient to buy the mobile power. LS183 optical transmission meter uses the universal 5V mobile power supply method, which is the same as our mobile phone power source. It’s also very convenient to use it outdoor.
      3. LS183 spectrum transmission meter uses a large liquid crystal display, which can be manually adjusted into three different display interfaces, namely Chinese display, English display and graphic display interface. Customers can choose the display interface according to their preferences, and it is also convenient for foreign customers.
      4. LS183 spectrum transmission meter uses an aluminum shell integrated design, the appearance is very obvious compared with the old LS103A.
      Through the above introduction, I believe everyone can understand why the test data of the two meters is inconsistent. We also hope that the upgrade of this optical transmission meter will bring more convenience and better experience to customers.



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