Features of the LS183 UV Transmittance Meter

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1. Why do we need to test the visible light , UV and IR transmittance?      

Optical performance is very important for materials such as stick-film glass, insulating glass, PMMA, PC. Optical performance commonly refers to the visible light transmittance , UV transmittance , IR transmittance. Only if the visible light transmittance of the glass reach certain standard, will the glass achieve sufficient clarity. The IR transmittance also plays an important role. The glass needs to block the heat from outside. If the IR transmittance does not meed the requirement, it will be very hot inside the room. The glass also need to block the ultraviolet from the outside, so that people won't be tanned. 

2. How does An UV transmittance meter work?

The LS183 UV Transmittance Meter is an optical instrument designed to test the transmittance of glass. It contains three light sources that can be used to test the visible light transmittance, infrared transmittance and UV transmittance of glass. Through these parameters, we can judge the light transmission properties, thermal insulation properties and UV-blocking properties of the glass.

3. Technical parameters of LS183 UV transmittance meter

UV peak wavelength 365nm
IR peak wavelength 940nm
Visible light peak wavelength

380nm-760nm full wavelength, in line with
CIE photopic luminosity function

Resolution 0.1%
Measurement accuracy

Better than ± 2% (colorless an
uniform transparent materials)

4. What are the characteristics of this uv transmittance meter?

(1)  LS183 UV Transmittance Meter has three display interfaces, which are Chinese interface, English interface and graphic display interface. Users can switch display interface according to their own usage.

UV transmittance meter

(2)  The instrument can support two charging modes. It can be connected to 5V DC voltage by AC100~240V-DC5V adapter, or it can be powered by mobile phone mobile power.

(3)  LS183 UV Transmittance Meter uses a parallel light white light design to test films and large thicknesses of glass. The instrument conforms to the internationally accepted CIE visual function to ensure the objectivity of the transmittance data.

light transmission meter

(4)  LS183 UV Transmittance Meter uses a large liquid crystal color display to read data more clearly. The instrument comes with a support frame that can be used either on hand or on a showcase.

(5)  The most important feature is the high cost performance of the instrument, which costs $220.

(6)  This LS183 UV Transmittance Meter is suitable for transmittance testing of coatings, insulating glass, foil glass, PMMA materials, PC materials, etc. 

If you need to measure the visible light transmittance , IR transmittance and UV transmittance,  it is recommended to use LS183 uv transmittance meter for measurement.  



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