Difference between Standard and Bluetooth Film Thickness Gauges

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The first film thickness gauge introduced by Linshang Technology is the LS220 model. This instrument is used to test the thickness of automotive paint film.It is mainly used for the evaluation of used cars.By measuring the thickness of the paint film at different positions of the car, it is possible to judge whether the car surface has been repainted or not.Then we can analyze the condition of the used car according to the thickness and judge the true value.
     After that,we launched a film thickness gauge with Bluetooth LS220B.The only difference between the Bluetooth model and the standard film thickness gauge is the addition of Bluetooth data transmission.The detailed differences are as follows:

1.Standard film thickness gauge LS220 

(1) 9 sets of historical data can be stored.When more than 9 sets of data are used,the oldest set of data is automatically deleted.
    (2) The price is 890 RMB.If you do not need to record a large amount of data during the evaluation of used cars,you only need to measure the thickness of the paint on site.The standard film thickness gauge LS220 can meet your needs.

2.Film thickness gauge with Bluetooth LS220B 

(1) Data can be transferred to a dedicated mobile phone APP via Bluetooth.The 17 test positions of the car have been set in the mobile APP.Each test can fill the data to the corresponding position and each group can save 9 sets of tests. A total of 153 test data can be stored in the mobile APP.
    (2) The mobile phone APP can also automatically count the average value,maximum value and minimum value of each test position.With these data,the user can analyze the film thickness of the used car more quickly.
    (3) Data reports can be generated after the test is completed and shared with others through multiple channels.
    (4) The price is 1118 RMB,which is more suitable for users who need a lot of data for accurate analysis in second-hand car evaluation.


  The above is the detailed difference between Bluetooth and standard film thickness gauges. Other functions and parameters are exactly the same.When selecting the model, you only need to consider whether you need to archive the data record when using the instrument.If so, you may need the film thickness gauge with Bluetooth.If no, the standard model will definitely satisfy you.