Application of LS108H Light Transmission Meter in Filter Strip Industry

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With the development of capacitive and resistive touch screens,infrared touch screens have emerged.The infrared touch screen has the advantages of simple structure, no interference from static electricity,voltage and current.The long-term operation is stable in some harsh environments.Therefore,it is widely used in electronic products such as public service information inquiry and industrial automation control.

1.The role of the filter strip

The most common filter strip is the TPF series of filter strips.This material is based on a sharp infrared transmission of a plastic profile or a flat filter strip.The filter strip selectively transmits infrared light from 850 nm to 1100 nm and shields ultraviolet and visible light from 300 nm to 750 nm.Therefore,we usually use a light transmission meter to measure the infrared transmittance of the filter strip.

filter strip

2.The composition and characteristics of the filter strip

In fact,the filter strip is composed of a concentrated infrared filter strip and a divergent infrared filter strip.Main features:Install a convergent infrared filter strip in front of the infrared touch screen launch tube to converge the effective signal at a specific position.And install a divergent infrared filter strip matching the convergence type infrared filter strip in front of the receiving tube to converge the signal.Coupling to the receiver tube enhances the effective signal.At the same time,the divergent infrared filter strip emits light to the interference light,weakens the interference light signal, thereby increasing the signal-to-noise ratio of the receiving tube.It functions as an anti-glare effect of the infrared touch screen.Because it is easy to process and flexible in installation,low in cost.It is applicable to all kinds of infrared touch screens.

3.The filter strip is measured with LS108H light transmission meter


LS108H light transmission meter test filter strip

LS108H Light transmission meter is a benchtop optical light transmission meter mainly used for testing the transmittance of organic materials, glass,PC materials.The instrument has a test aperture of 3mm (can be customized according to customer needs).

It is mainly used to measure the transmittance of ultraviolet light with a peak wavelength of 365 nm,infrared light with a peak wavelength of 940 nm and visible light wavelength of 380 nm to 760 nm (according to the CIE photopic luminosity function).The LS108H light transmission meter uses a parallel light design to measure thicker materials.The instrument has the following features:

  • The transmittance of ultraviolet,infrared and visible light can be measured simultaneously.
    Parallel light path design can solve the problem of inaccurate measurement caused by light refraction.

  • Wide range of applications,not only for filter strips,but also for measuring the transmittance of glasses,paint,glass,PC materials.

  • The desktop design stainless steel shell,easy for the placement and operation of the tested material.

The Linshang LS108H light transmission meter is an instrument for optical transmittance measurement.For more details,please contact Linshang professional engineer at +86 13510633052!