What Types of Coatings can be Measured by Coating Thickness Gauge?

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   Linshang coating thickness gauge uses two measurement principles,namely eddy current method and magnetic method. Suitable for measuring the thickness of coatings on various metal substrates.However,there are many types of coatings.Which types of coatings can be measured by the iron-aluminum Linshang coating thickness gauge? Below we will summarize the common types of coatings.

1.Anti-wear coating

In the industry,micro-vibration, erosion, abrasion,impact,sliding, etc. will cause some wear on the workpiece.Anti-wear coatings are primarily designed to improve the wear resistance and service life of the workpiece through fiber-resistant coating technology. Anti-wear coatings are usually non-metallic gelling materials, generally a powdered ceramic material

  • Application:Ceramic coating on piston rings, pumps,valves.

  • Measuring instrument:magnetic coating thickness gauge.

2.High temperature resistant oxidation coating

Some parts exposed to high temperatures are susceptible to high temperatures and gas corrosion,so arc spraying or high temperature oxidation and corrosion resistant coatings are needed to slow the oxidation and corrosion of the workpiece surface.

  • Applications:Coatings on ultra-high temperature equipment such as fuel metal nozzles, tips, nose caps, blades, missile casings and engines for aircraft, rockets and various high-speed aircraft.

  • Measuring instruments: eddy current method and magnetic coating thickness gauge.

3.Anti-corrosion coating

 Large steel components that are exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time are subject to environmental oxidation and erosion.They are generally treated with corrosion-resistant coatings such as various alloys and stainless steels.

  • Application:Steel structure bridge,coal mine derrick and various chemical containers such as aluminum,zinc,aluminum-zinc alloy,stainless steel coating.

  • Measuring instrument: magnetic coating thickness gauge.

coating thickness gauge test stainless steels

4.Insulation coating

Insulating coatings are mainly ceramic coatings (such as Al2O3),which have good insulating properties.High-energy plasma spraying technology are generally used to make the workpiece have better insulation effect.

  • Application:Polymer material film.

  • Measuring Instruments: Photothermal coating thickness measurement system (typical coating thickness gauges cannot measure coating thickness on non-metallic substrates).

5.Thermal barrier coating

Ceramic coatings such as Al2O3 and ZrO2 have the characteristics of high melting point and low thermal conductivity.It can provide a certain thermal insulation protection for the metal substrate, also known as thermal barrier coating.There are generally two systems consisting of metal base and ceramic coating.

  • Applications:Thermal barrier coatings on turbine engine combustion chambers,flame stabilizers,valves and diesel engine piston surfaces

  • Measuring instruments:eddy current method and magnetic coating thickness gauge

In addition to the five common coatings described above,gap control coatings,dimensional recovery coatings,biofunctional coatings,far infrared radiation coatings,etc.can also be measured using a coating thickness gauge.Coatings on metal substrates can generally be tested using magnetic and eddy current coating thickness gauges.If you are not sure whether the Linshang coating thickness gauge is applicable or not,you can also contact us for assistance.



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