Why there is no Standard Film Equipped With Linshang Spectrum Transmission Meter?

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Linshang light transmission meterseries products are mainly used to detect the transmittance of various regular transparent materials, including infrared transmittance, ultraviolet transmittance, full-band white light transmittance and blue-violet light transmittance.

LS108H spectrum transmission meter

After receiving the instrument, many customers said that the instrument was not equipped with standard films and could not confirm whether the transmission test data was accurate. There are several reasons why Linshang spectrum transmission meteris not equipped with standard films:
     1.The Linshang spectrum transmission meter will self-calibrate the built-in light source after it is powered on. As long as it can pass the self-calibration, there will be no problem with the test data.
     The self-calibration of the light source by the spectrum transmission meter means that the instrument program judges the original light intensity of the light source. The transmittance is equal to the light intensity of the light-transmitting material divided by the original light intensity value. When the original light intensity value is within the normal range, the data measured by the instrument is accurate and reliable. Once the light source is attenuated or the light source is offset, the original light intensity value is not within the qualified range due to various reasons such as hole blockage, the self-calibration of the instrument cannot pass. The test cannot be performed. If the customer meet this kind of situation, they should send the instrument back to the factory for maintenance.
     2.Some instrument of other brands will be equipped with standard films when they leave the factory. If the tested data is the same as the value of the standard film, it means that the data of the instrument is accurate. However, this method is also flawed. It is like the attenuation of the light source over a long period of time. The standard film will also oxidize and aging when it is left for a long time. The calibrated transmittance value will also change.
     3.The Linshang spectrum transmission meter can ensure that the instrument can pass the test of the Chinese National Metrology Institute. Whether to use the standard film or the self-calibration function is to ensure the accuracy of the instrument data, that is, accuracy. However, if you want to accurately judge the accuracy of an instrument, it is best to send the instrument to an authoritative metrology agency for testing.
    Through the above explanations, we believe that you have roughly understood the reason why spectrum transmission meters do not need to be equipped with standard films, which is why we are so confident in our products.