Linshang Mercury Lamp and UV LED energy meters

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  A few days ago, a customer purchased our product, he asked that what is the difference between Linshang UV energy meters? Let's take a look at several products of the Linshang UV energy meters. Linshang Technology has invented a total of 4 UV energy meters, respectively LS120, LS128, LS130, LS131.These four UV energy metersare mainly divided into dedicated mercury and dedicated LED energy meters according to the lamp types. The differences are mainly as follows:
     1. LS120 and LS130 UV energy meters are professional UV energy meters for mercury lamp detection, while LS128 and LS131 are professional UV energy meters for LED light source detection. UV energy meters for mercury lamps have a uniform national standard and our instruments also meet national standards. If necessary, the customer can send the instrument to a third party for testing (the seller do not afford the test expense). LED UV energy meters do not have a uniform national standard, so it is not recommended to send the instrument to a third party for testing.

Linshang UV energy meters

 2. The appearance of LS120 and LS128 UV energy meters is designed as disc-type, which can measure UV energy, intensity, time, temperature and display power curve and temperature curve simultaneously. The LS130 and LS131 UV energy meters have a square design and do not have a temperature test function.
     3. Distinguish from the direction of the probe. The probes of the disc LS120 and LS128UV energy meters are on the back of the display. The probe of the square design LS130 and LS131UV energy meters is on the same side of the display.

Linshang UV energy meters

   The Linshang UV energy meters are equipped with computer software to record measurement data in detail and print out test reports. The instrument is equipped with a high-precision and fast-response detector, which truly realizes the dynamic measurement of the actual temperature in the curing machine. The instrument is high temperature resistant and can run for a long time in a high temperature environment of 100 degrees Celsius. Built-in large-capacity memory, the stored data will not be lost when the power is off, the last measurement data is automatically displayed when the machine is turned on and it can be deleted manually.