Test Accuracy Of UV Energy Meter

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  UV energy meteris mainly used for detecting UV energy inthe transmission belt of the production line, to avoid UV light attenuatingthat will affect UV light curing effect. using ultraviolet high pressuremercury lamp, power in hundreds of watts to several kilowatts of.
  But at present, in the national metrology institutes, therated power of standard ultraviolet light is only watt level.
  While the national metrology institutes calibrate anddetect UV energy meter, only low power range accuracy can be calibrated.
  UV intensity cannot be detected in the practicalapplication,In other words, UV energy meter in weak signal detection isqualified, can not  be guaranteeddetection is qualified in the strong light signal, and there is no highstrength standard light in current national ultraviolet standard light source.
LS120 Energy Meter, Irradiance measuring range: 0 ---2000mW/cm2
  For LS128 Energy Meter, Irradiance measuring range: 0 ---20000mW/cm2
  In this case, this file provides a new method fordetecting whether the UV energy meter is qualified under the strong lightsignal..  

128 energy meter

  In the case of weak light signals, detect the accuracywith the standard light source. In the strong light signals, for test meter’slinearity with high voltage mercury lamp and standard filter. According to thephysical characteristics of the UV transmittance of the standard filtersheet,  for check the linearity of the UVenergy meter.. In the same location, the same intensity, and the same meter,add filter plate, get test data (light or energy), removal the filter, testanother data (intensity or energy). And then, under different distances,different intensity, repeat the above measurements . The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Test  In Different UV Light Intensity
  Obtain  UV Intensity Value, calculate transmission   of  Intensity
  Test Meter LS120  Energy Meter
  With Filter
  (mW/cm2) Without  Filter
  (mW/cm2) Transmission  Of Filter
  (Test and calculated value) Transmission  Of Filter
  (The Real value)
  8.7 35.9 24.23% 22%
  9.4 39.1 24.04% 22%
  10.3 43.7 23.57% 22%
  13.1 54.6 23.99% 22%
  18.7 79.1 23.64% 22%
  22.5 98.8 22.77% 22%
  27.5 124.4 22.11% 22%
  Test  In Different UV Energy
  Obtain  UV Intensity Value, Calculate Transmission   Of  UV Energy
  Test  Meter LS120  Energy Meter
  Test Time
  (S) With  Filter
  (mJ/cm2) Without  Filter
  (mJ/cm2) Transmission  Of Filter
  (Test and calculated value) Transmission  Of Filter
  (The Real value)
  30 254.3 1062.3 23.94% 22%
  30 272.9 1152.9 23.67% 22%
  30 297.8 1288.1 23.12% 22%
  30 374.7 1626.9 23.03% 22%
  30 524.6 2321.2 22.60% 22%
  30 611.4 2982.9 21.13% 22%
  30 765.4 3622.3 21.13% 22%
  You may find that the transmission error of
LS120 energy meteris very small.



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