Why Need UV Energy Meter in UV Curing Field?

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  Nowadays, UV curing is widely used in most  industry field, keep relative stable UV energy is most important to ensure quality.

  Usually, the UV output and the curing rate isn’t linear relationship. The relationship between the two depends on a variety of factors, such as coating, substrate, reflector geometry and the total efficiency of the lamp, etc.. In the practical application, the air resistance and accumulation effect, the sensitivity of substrate material to heat, the thickness of pigment and film all can affect the efficiency of ultraviolet light source.

  The main factor that effects UV energy is UV lamp aging. UV energy meterrequires to monitor UV energy variation.

  LS120 and LS128 UV energy meterare able to detect the UV energy density, UV irradiance and temperature of UV curing machine. Use for measure the UV irradiance and temperature of machines, such as UV drying machine, exposure machine and printing machine etc.

UV energy meter

  There are some advantages of LS120 and LS128 UV energy meter:

  1. It is the real smart UV energy meterwith a large LCD to display the temperature and irradiance curve directly.

  2. It is equipped with a USB port, and the computer software can read the detailed record data, analyze the curves and print out test reports.

  3. It is with a high precision fast response temperature sensor and can measure the real temperature in the curing machine dynamically.

  4. It is with a built-in heat resisting sheet, can resist high temperature and operate at 100℃ for long time.

  5. The meter is with a built-in large memory and can record irradiance data up to 60,000 and temperature data up to 3800.

  6. The stored data will not be lost when the the power is off and the last test data will be displayed automatically when power is on; the test data can only be deleted manually.

  7. It is with high accuracy, and has passed many tests of authoritative testing organizations and got certificates.

  8. It is with a built-in timer, and can record the UV curing time accurately.