The Calibration Of UV Energy Meter

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  Common Problems In The Calibration Of UV Energy Meter
  Basically, asked to UV energy meter customers will particular concern about the calibration related issues, now about customers’ common problems, summarized as follows, also hope to help users and have some new understanding.

UV energy meter

  1. Where the calibrate UV Energy Metergenerally?
  A.Third party inspection certificate. Customers can directly get the related detection organizer or to find manufacturers on behalf of the inspection, will be charged a fee (Charging standards are not the same, Shenzhen Academy of Metrology charges 200USD, 7 working days to complete). Generally, the new instrument can be inspection, used a year and above the instrument does not recommend the submission of customer, because the light source will decay and Metrology Institute will only certificate marked difference, not alignment the instrument to the standard value, the issued certification is no any significance.
  B. Instrument attenuation, need to adjust the data back to the standard value. Must be returned to the original manufacturer, the manufacturer will provide the appropriate calibration certificate.
  2. For UV energy meter, how long need to be calibrated?
  Generally, recommend to send back to the factory for calibrate once per year.
  3. Since waiting for use, How long can you send back UV energy meter, while back to the manufacturers for calibrate.
  General , It costs three working days.
  4.How much for calibrate cost that send back to manufacture ?
  For customers using our instrument, It’s free for the first year, As for charge 68USD each from next year on.