Advantages of LS110H and LS110A Split Transmission Meter

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Linshang technology researched and developed LS110A and LS110H split solar film transmission meter which can not only test solar film and glass, but also can test front curtain wall glass, front windshield glass and other installed glass. 
       Solar film
transmission meter can be divided into three types according to the shape: portable type, U-Groove desktop display type, as well as split type. Instruments of different shapes are suitable for different application scenarios. Portable and compact instruments are particularly suitable for going out and testing solar membranes and glass samples, while U-Groove desktop instrument can be placed directly on the desktop, the test data can be very clear and intuitive displayed in front of customers. And the split transmission meter can not only be applied to the above scenarios, its greatest advantage is that it can test the installed glass. For example, curtain wall glass and front windshield glass, this function is not available in other instruments.

Split transmission meter

The advantages of LS110H and LS110A Split Solar Film Transmission Meter.
         1. The built-in lithium rechargeable battery is easy to use without replacing the battery.
         2. Equipped with a plastic case, it’s convenient to carry out the instrument.
         3.  UV rejection, IR rejection, Light Transmittance Meter, Three function in ONE device.
         4. With LCD display, the HOLD button can lock the value on the screen to make it easier to take a photo.
         5. Two-parts dual mode of the main and auxiliary part facilitates the transmission measurement of the automobile front windshield glass and building glass.
         6. The laser alignment function guarantees the accurate alignment of the main part with the auxiliary part in the process of measurement and ensures accurate measurement.
       If you want to know more difference between LS110A split transmission meter and LS110H split transmission meter, please read 
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