Why do We Choose Linshang Paint Thickness Meter?

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  The paint thickness meter is a professional instrument for measuring the thickness of the metal surface coating. The Hall effect and eddy current principles adopted by the paint thickness meter can accurately measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic metal substrates. Such as iron zinc plating, iron chromium plating, iron aluminum plating, iron silver plating and so on.
      Accurate and reliable analysis is important for production processes in all walks of life. Especially in the hardware industry, whether the coating alloy meets quality control standards or evaluates the value of hardware, choosing a suitable paint thickness meter has a great impact on the production process and profitability. As a high-tech instrument, the Linshang paint thickness meter can accurately measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic metal substrates, which can achieve the best accuracy in similar products.
      In addition to accuracy, there are several reasons for choosing Linshang
paint thickness meter.

Linshang paint thickness meters

1. Intuitive software

As a portable tool, the Linshang paint thickness meter is very simple to operate and is designed to simplify the daily analysis process, so that people with simple training can easily get started like professionals. The combination of relatively intuitive operation and powerful analysis functions is conducive to improving production efficiency, making the Linshang paint thickness meter stand out from similar competitors.

2. High-tech tool with more accurate results

The Linshang paint thickness meter uses dual-function measurement technology, which can automatically identify magnetic or non-magnetic substrates. It can quickly complete automatic conversion in 0.5 seconds. With advanced digital probe, it can keep the zero position stable for a long time, that is, it can be detected without frequent zero adjustment. When in use, only zero adjustment is required, no calibration is required, which can ensure the accuracy of the measured data. There is no need to worry about linearity in the full range.

3. Strong flexibility

A measurement data can be obtained in 0.5 seconds. Many users like to use the Linshang paint thickness meter, because its probe sensitivity is very high, the test response speed is fast. Moreover, temperature compensation technology can ensure that the instrument can measure at different ambient temperatures, even if it is minus 20 degrees Celsius, it can be used without worrying about the influence of weather on the measurement results.

4.  Low-power design

The Linshang paint thickness meter spend less than 0.01 microampere in standby state. The small power consumption meets the current requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.
     Linshang Technology is a leading company in the testing industry. It insists on independent design, research and development, production and sales of various measuring instruments. It has a complete product range and a wide range of applications. It also provides comprehensive technical support to manufacturers.



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