How Much is the Thickness of Enamel on Steel Surface ?

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China is a big steel producer. Both the quantity and quality of steel can be highly guaranteed. Of course, high-quality steel is definitely inseparable from the protection of the surface enamel, and enamels of different thicknesses. They have different properties that extend the life of the steel. But we can accurately measure its thickness using a magnetic coating thickness gauge.
    The magnetic coating thickness gauge uses a simple electromagnetic induction principle to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on various magnetic metal substrates. It is commonly used to measure the thickness of various coatings on steel surfaces. The state has strict control over the inspection of steel materials, because magnetic coating thickness gauges can accurately measure steel surface coating thickness, which is helpful to help producers and quality inspectors to determine the quality of steel. Select a magnetic coating thickness gauge as the preferred self-testing instrument.
    Many people will go into such a misunderstanding, thinking that the thicker the enamel on the surface of steel, the better the protective performance. In fact, whether it is theoretical or actual, this statement is wrong.
    Whether it is a steel manufacturer, a steel purchaser, or a steel quality inspector, it is impossible to use the naked eye to accurately determine the thickness of the steel surface glaze porcelain. The most dependent instrument is a magnetic coating thickness gauge. It is worth noting that not all thickness gauges can be used to measure the thickness of enamel on steel surfaces. Because of the physical characteristics of steel and surface enamel. The magnetic
coating thickness gaugehas the principle of electromagnetic induction, the two are well matched to achieve precise and accurate measurements.
    The magnetic coating thickness gauge has many advantages, not only the large range and high resolution, but also the simple measurement method.