UV Intensity Meter Application and Operation

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Ultraviolet tester is also often called UV intensity meter, which is mainly used to measure the ultraviolet intensity of sunlight and ultraviolet lamps. The choice of the UV intensity meter is closely related to the measurement band. You need to pay attention to the model of the UV sensor and the corresponding matching. Therefore, the use method of the UV intensity meter have certain matching and selectivity.

 I. UV curing

Ultraviolet curing technology is generally a process that uses ultraviolet (UV) to irradiate liquid "UV radiation hardenable materials" to harden it. We generally call it "UV Curing Process". In the range of industrial applications, the requirement of ultraviolet wavelength is 200nm to 400nm. Although the UV curing technology sounds similar to the traditional drying technology, in contrast, the traditional drying technology is prone to generate a large amount of chemical volatile substances in the process, which is harmful to both the operator and the environment. No solvent volatilization occurred and it can be said that its solid emissions are very low.
      Ultraviolet curing is a chemical process and the small molecular weight substance is quickly transformed into a high molecular weight substance by ultraviolet radiation in the band. Therefore, it is necessary to use the UV intensity meter with high reliability, high accuracy and large measurement range to confirm the ultraviolet band, so that when the ultraviolet curing technology is used, the standard ultraviolet wavelength can be in the application range.

  2. Ultraviolet sterilization

In real life, we hear is the ultraviolet sterilization technology, which is very frequently used in laboratory research and medical clinical applications. The principle of ultraviolet sterilization is to irradiate microorganisms through a specific wave band in order to destroy the structure of its genetic material, so as to achieve the purpose of killing bacteria that cannot reproduce. Ultraviolet sterilization has excellent advantages. First of all, the ultraviolet ray has a broad spectrum, so sterilization has a certain spectrum and it is simple and fast without causing secondary pollution. A purely physical sterilization approach also facilitates management and automation.

UV intensity meter
However, it is worth noticng that although the ultraviolet spectrum is very wide and the ultraviolet band is also divided into UVA (400 to 315nm), UVB (315 to 280nm), UVC (280 to 200nm) and vacuum ultraviolet (200 to 100nm), but not every wavelength can be effectively sterilized. Generally, you need to use theUV intensity meter with high accuracy to confirm the energy value of the UV lamp. The measurement range of high quality UV intensity meter is 280 ~ 200nm, that is, the UVC band, which is the best and most effective germicidal ultraviolet rays.



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