Transmission Meter Used In Various Industries

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The application range of the transmission meter is very wide, from the on-site measurement of automobile inspection and manufacturing to the light transmittance measurement of sunscreen products such as sunglasses and sun protection films and the light transmittance measurement of plastic products, transparent or translucent materials. The transmission meter can be used in various industries.
       Two important application fields of the transmission meter are one in the light transmittance test of eyeglasses and sunscreen glasses. The other is the light transmittance test of automobile windows. Whether it is daily life glasses or car windows, light transmittance is an important factor that cannot be ignored. When the transmittance is unqualified, the former will affect vision and cause eye discomfort, while the latter may cause traffic accidents and affect life safety. Therefore, it is an important step to use the transmission meter to test the transmittance.
       Transmission meter is often used to test the transmittance of anti-blue glasses. After blocking blue light, it will cause color temperature deviation and chromaticity deviation, that is, it will be color cast. The severity depends on the amount of blue light blocking. If you want to know whether the anti-blue light glasses are commercial hype or have their role, the light transmittance data can be detected by the transmission meter for more accurate analysis. Good spectacle lenses have high light transmittance and low light attenuation. When the light transmittance is low, the attenuation of the light is large. The feeling after wearing the glasses is that the whole world is darkened. In addition to this, for example, I want to know whether the blue light-proof glasses are UV-protected. Since these are two indicators, they are not mutually supportive, depending on the spectral transmittance of the glasses coating. You can also use a transmission meter to solve this problem. Choose the appropriate transmission meter, measure the accurate data of blue light and ultraviolet light transmittance and blocking rate. And make a comparative analysis based on the measurement results, you can get the degree of UV protection of the blue light-proof glasses through research.

spectrum transmission meter

Transmission meters are most commonly used in the field of automotive inspection. According to relevant national policies and regulations, the transmittance of the car front windshield can’t be lower than 70%. And more and more cars choose film, which may affect the original light transmittance data. When choosing the front windshield of the car front windshield, you should not choose a thermal insulation film with too low light transmittance. For the heat insulation film used in other window positions, especially the front side windows to look at the rearview mirror. Even if the color is darker, the scenery seen should be clear. It cannot affect the driving field of view, which is largely affected by the light transmittance. In order to ensure driving and road safety and reduce unnecessary hidden dangers, choosing the appropriate transmission meter to ensure that the light transmittance test data results meet the requirements should become an important part of the inspection field.
       Transmission meter has the characteristics of small measurement error, high reliability and strong stability. It is an indispensable testing instrument for controlling and ensuring product quality. It is widely used in transparent or semi-transparent material manufacturing, commercial inspection and other testing fields. At present, the transmission meter has a great demand in China.