Professional Coating Thickness Gauge

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The professional coating thickness gauge has the characteristics of high precision and high performance. It can measure the coating thickness. This coating thickness gauge can be applied to metal substrates or non-metallic substrates. The thickness measurement methods are mainly eddy current and electromagnetic. The coating thickness gauge will not cause any damage to the product to be measured in actual work.
      When it comes to coating thickness gauges, it is inevitable to mention the topic of paint spraying. In our lives, it can be said that paint coatings can be seen everywhere. It can play a role in protecting the internal structure and can also play a decorative role. According to people's construction requirements and aesthetic requirements, we choose the corresponding color paint and spraying methods.
      Generally speaking, latex paint is mostly used in home decoration, which is safe, environmentally friendly and green. It does not cause too much harm to human body. And the high-quality latex paint can form a thick layer of filmy substance. This layer of oxide film also has strong elasticity after long-term use, and it is not easy to crack. However, the poor latex paint has weak film-forming ability, the thickness of the formed film is very thin. And there is no basic protection. A slight touch will produce a crack and there is a clear spicy smell. In the construction process, the paint spray primer is about 40um and the thickness of the topcoat is about 30um. The actual thickness depends on the size of the paint particles. For the gap between some genuine latex paints and defective latex paints on the market, we can use a professional coating thickness gauge.
      In addition to strictly selecting the quality of paint spraying, it is also necessary to pay attention to the construction process. Generally speaking, paint spraying is divided into manual spraying and automatic spraying. The former is more traditional and original. It is mainly used to repair defective products or fill the uneven surface of paint. The fully automatic spraying method is to use the machine for pipeline spraying. The entire surface is painted 100% through the automatic rotation of the bracket. Compared with the two methods, the fully automatic spraying method can greatly save costs and reduce the occurrence of defective products. The final appearance of the product is excellent, the surface is smooth and soft to the touch. The brightness and gloss are very high. This paint spraying method can also automatically uniform the film thickness of each part, which can be accurately detected using a coating thickness gauge.
      Most paint spraying manufacturers will focus on both the paint spraying process and the paint thickness detection, which are inseparable from the role of the coating thickness gauge. Because the professional coating thickness gauge is very stable, there will be no data bias. Generally, it can reach the national standard thickness after its own testing.

Compared with other brands of instruments, Linshang coating thickness gauges have a unique advantage. Its accuracy and standard are very high and it can pass the test of the Chinese Institute of Metrology. The digital probe adopts intelligent processing, which is convenient and fast to measure. The operation is also quite simple.

For factories, the effective use of the coating thickness gauge can significantly improve the quality of paint coatings and can also help technicians improve the paint spraying process from the other hand.



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