Lampshade Transmittance Meter Measure the Transmittance of PC Lampshade

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Lampshade can not only cover the light bulb to gather light, but also prevent electric shock and protect eyes. Light transmittance of the lampshade is a very important parameter, if you need to test this parameter, you can use Linshang LS117 Lampshade Transmittance Meter for measurement. Common lampshade materials include cloth, PVC, brown paper, PC and so on.

PC is an amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent colorless or slightly yellow thermoplastic engineering plastics, with excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially with excellent impact resistance and high tensile strength, bending strength, compression strength. The creep is poor and the dimension is stable, it also has good heat resistance and low temperature resistance. So PC is one of the main raw material of lampshade.

PC Lampshade transmittance meter

PC lampshade is generally opalescent or frosted and with fringe pattern, the light transmittance of the lampshade has a uniform standard in the industry, in order to play the best results it need to reach a certain degree of light transmittance. However, the lampshade is not transparent material, so you need to check it out when choosing a light transmittance meter. Not all light transmittance meter is able to test opalescent or frosted materials. This industry generally choose Linshang LS117 Lampshade Transmittance Meter.

LS117 Lampshade Transmittance Meter applies the principle of diffuse transmission, can receive light scattering through the material, so you can measure and get the real and reliable data. These estimates will be for your understanding of Lampshade Transmittance Meter, welcome to our company to choose and buy!



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