Why Use LS108A and LS108D Mobile Phone Lens IR Ink Hole Detection

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 Nowadays most of us are using touch screen mobile phone, its lens requires nice light transmittance, Where on the cover glass of mobile phone, there are 2 ink holes, that uses infrared transmission technique, Via use the infrared transmittance of glass ink holes to control the user to answer phone screen function.

  LS108Aand LS108D Mobile Phone Lens IR Ink Hole Detection are professional for the mobile phone glass lens (cell phone cover) / touch screen lens / medical lenses and other optical glass lens development of a testing apparatus, as well as the test cell phone lens on the light sensor hole and distance sensor hole.
  Take out and have a carefully look at our mobile phone, may observe there are two holes in front of the phone touch screen, the two holes through ink processing, it is difficult to see clearly, the light transmittance is relatively low, but the high transmittance of infrared. its working principle use the phone's internal infrared light sources, transmit through the ink glass, reject back if touched human's skin and the receiver detected certain infrared intensity, will close the touch screen and won't hang up or shut down.
  Mobile phone lens printing ink usually use in the mobile phone lens manufacturers , Glass industry to use ink for various strengthening white sheet material processing, including organic glass acrylic, PC, PET/ composite materials.
  This kind of lens ink is a kind of low temperature baking environmentally friendly solvent ink, so good adhesion, infrared transmission rate is strong. High cover rate, OD value reached more than 4, May pass the LED electric light transmittance test, no transmitting, pinhole and trachoma and other undesirable phenomena.

LS108D LENS Transmission Meter

LS108D IR ink hole transmission meter

  With the use of smart phones more and more widely, the number of touch screen printing ink production is also increasing, mobile phone manufacturers to produce high-quality ink mobile phone lens, you must use a LS108D Mobile Phone Lens IR Ink Hole Detectionto test the optical performance of the lens.

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