About the custom range of Linshang LS117 densitometer

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Linshang LS117 densitometer can measure the transmittance and optical density of film, lens ink, frosted glass, milky white lampshade, etc. The light source of LS117 densitometer is white light of 380-760nm. In addition, light sources such as 850nm, 940nm and 950nm can be customized according to customers' requirements.

LS117 densitometer

Since the launch of the optical densitometer LS117, it has been able to measure the light transmittance and optical density of film, frosted glass, milk white lampshade, etc., which has been welcomed by many customers, and its measuring range from 0 - 6 OD has obtained customer’s recognition. The light source used in the LS117 densitometer is 380nm - 760nm full wavelength, conforms to the CIE visual function standard, and is made by diffuse transmission principle. It can be used to test various translucent materials.
       A customer from the PCB factory called and asked if our LS117 densitometer could measure the yellow film. For the responsible attitude, we recommend that the customer ship the yellow film to us for confirming. Finally, the optical density of the customer's yellow film tested by the densitometer was less than 1, while the customer said that the optical density value of yellow film is about 4.2.


After many confirmations, we know that yellow film needs to use UV light to test the optical density value, while the LS117 densitometer uses a visible light source. Although we can customize other wavelengths, the built-in milk white filter can’t pass ultraviolet light, so we can't customize UV Light source. It’s unable to test yellow film, but it can test black film.
       Of course, although the Linshang LS117 densitometer cannot customize the UV light source, other light sources can be customized. For example, 850nm, 940nm and 950nm infrared light sources are all customizable. If you have any custom requirement, please feel free to contact us. 



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