Fourth Upgrade Vacuum Coating Online Thickness Measuring System

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  The transmittance of the material (optical density) and the thickness of the coating to a certain proportion of the relationship. This is achieved by monitoring the optical transmittance of the material (optical density) to achieve the purpose of monitoring the uniformity of the material, the thickness of the coating. As long as it is light can be transmitted the material, you can monitor the transmission rate to monitor the quality of products. Such as winding vacuum coating, glass coating, glass production line and so on.

  January 7, 2016, Lanzhou vacuum coating equipment Co., Ltd. ordered 4 points(Points numbers is selectable depends on customers' requirement) online testing instrumentis completed, which is the fourth upgrade of LS152 online tester. Our third generation vacuum coating online measuring thickness gauge, in use process, The defect is if the probe is in need of repair, need the whole machine be sent to manufacturers, customers disassemble machine is quite inconvenient and expensive shipping costs. Especially for foreign customers, transport process is rather inconvenient.

Vacuum Coating Online Thickness Measuring System

  2014 Baofeng Qingzhou ordered one equipment that sold to India, in the maintenance caused us into a very passive position. So we are determined to proceed with the development and upgrading of the fourth generation of online thickness measuring instrument. This upgrade is mainly as follows:

  1. Detachable independent probe design, as long as the return of the probe can be maintenance.

  2. The temperature measurement function, can measure the internal temperature of the equipment in real time.

  3. Light source temperature compensation function to ensure that the measurement process if the temperature changes, will not affect the accuracy of the measurement.

  4. Embedded installation, probe embedded in the aluminum tube, the appearance is more concise, also easy to clean equipment.

  5. Alarm lamp will light if measured value out of the setted Upper limit and Lower limit value.