How to Test Glossiness of Liquid Printing Ink

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  1 principle
  Measure glossiness shall use glossmeter. Under the specified light source, optical measuring ratio of the sample and the standard interface, used to express the ink glossiness of the sample (measured by standard surface reflects light as 100%).
  2 Tools and Material
  2.1  Wetting tension processed surface , and  meet the requirements of the  different system  liquid ink of special printing films.
  2.2 Coated paper: 157g/m2 (Conform to the GB/T10335.1).
  2.3 Spatulas
  2.4 Wire rod: copper rod (Φ9 + 0.05 mm*length 170 mm)
  Winding stainless steel wire length (length  100 + 0.50 mm)
  Wire(Φ0.12mm), tightly wound arrangement, neat gapless.
  2.5 Hand show meter
  2.6 LS192 Glossmeter (Measurement geometry: 60 degree)
  2.7 Light Table
  2.8 Scrubbing Solvent : a variety of different system of liquid ink corresponding special solvent.
  3 Test Conditions
  The test should be carried out under the conditions of temperature (23 + 2) and humidity (65 + 5).

  4 Test procedure

  4.1 According to  GB/T 13217.1 to prepare the sample, after placing 2hours, process measuring light.
  4.2 After calibrated LS192 glossmeter, Align aperture to coated paper sample that the bottom is lined with scraping. Lay flat the sample by the light table, read date.
  5 Test Results
  Shall test at least 3 points, put LS192 glossmeter at top, middle, and bottom, LS192 glossmeter calculated the average value automatically. So it’s the glossiness of the ink.



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