Gloss meter measures the gloss of coated art paper

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The official name of coated paper is Art Paper, commonly known as coated art paper. Coated art paper is a high-grade printing paper made of a white paper coated with a base paper. It is mainly used to print the covers and illustrations of books, calendars, color pictures, various exquisite product advertisements, albums, merchandise packaging and so on.
      According to the degree of gloss, coated paper can be divided into semigloss paper, matte paper and high gloss paper.The gloss of the paper is determined by the flatness of the surface of the paper, which is related to the type of fiber, the degree of beating and calendering, the proportion of filler, the content of the compound, and the method of sizing. In general, the higher the apparent smoothness, the higher the gloss.
      The gloss of paper is an important indicator of printed paper, and the uniformity of gloss is the most important evaluation index. Paper with uneven gloss will affect the visual effect of the printed matter. Therefore, in the process of detecting the gloss of the paper, the gloss meter is used to measure the gloss of the paper, and more tests are performed to analyze the uniformity of the gloss of the paper. For the
LS192 coated art paper gloss meter of Linshang Technology, the liquid crystal display interface directly has the statistical functions of maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation, especially the standard deviation, which can directly reflect the discreteness of the data of the measured object.

paper gloss meter

Therefore, the glossiness of the paper itself does not represent the quality of the paper. It is determined by the occasion of use and the preferences of the customer. However, the uniformity of gloss of paper is an important criterion for paper quality. Therefore, it is necessary to use a gloss meter to judge whether the uniformity is good or not.



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