Application and Selection of Sheen Glossmeter

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  LS192 Sheen Glossmeter are widely used in printing ink,wood products,forming die,stone products,car maintenance,paint, film sheet,plastic material,ceramic products,decorating material, building materials,metal plating,leather products and many other fields of surface glossiness measurement.

LS192 Sheen Glossmeter

  Usually, we do not know how to choose the gloss measurement angle when trying to use . All light sources are reflected from the surface, and the amount of reflected light is called the surface glossiness. The glossiness value is measured by the gloss unit (GU), and the standard value of the approximate 100GU. Gloss can be divided into 3 general range: low gloss, semi gloss and high gloss.
  It’s better to  measure each range by their respective angles. To know which angle measurement is the most appropriate, from the beginning of 60 degree. If the result is between 10-70GU, glossiness can be called semi gloss, preferably use 60 degree angle to measure. If the result is less than 10GU, called low gloss, it should be measured with 85 degrees; if the results are higher than 70GU, the product is high gloss, preferably use 20 degrees to measure. All angles are calculated from the vertical angle.



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