Comparison of Different Sheen Instruments

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Sheen instrument, also known as gloss meter, is a glossiness measurement device used to detect the gloss of the sample surface. Gloss meter can be applied in a wide range of industries, such as marble gloss measurement, metal gloss measurement, paper gloss measurement, etc. The gloss index in the production process can be monitored by the measurement of a gloss meter, and the uniformity of gloss can also be judged by multiple measurements.

On training course,we watched some video of sheen instruments from other manufacturers. detailedly studied and understood  differences of gloss meters between each. And found most comparison list below:

1. Whether the gloss meter standard plate is in good protection

In General, the sheen instrument with slightly lower price and in not perfect designed, mostly standard plate is a separate one, although there is a small box to protect, but each use also requires a separate accessory, which is very inconvenient and easily to lost.We can see from some domestic good designed sheen instruments and BKY, the standard plate are designed within the base, It’s calibration and standard plate protection are in good considerated.

gloss meter

2. Whether the gloss meter requires calibration before each measurement

Many sheen instruments must be calibrated at each boot up, but doesn’t identify the cleanliness of the standard plate. It happens that forcely calibrated unclean standards plate as the clean one. So the following tested values won't be accurate. Nowadays, just BYK and Linshang’s sheen instruments do not require calibration every time, and to identify the standards plate, prompt whether shall to clean the standard plate or not.

3. The gloss meter operation simplicity

Some sheen instruments in need of long press & short press operation, and some with lots of buttons,which really trouble the operator, confusions causes operation errors and restart. BYK sheen instruments is convenient that has just one pulley in the selection menu . LS192 sheen instrument has only one button, but with statistical functions on the screen, directly display maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation, no trouble.

Sheen Glossmeter

4.  Accuracy and consistency of gloss meter

For some gloss meters, having just finished after calibration, test standards all over again, there will be differences 0.2GU, this seems to be unacceptable. Click to see more about the use of gloss meter.

No matter what function and appearance change, testing is accurate, and cost-effective equipment is your best choice.